LinkedIn is a great platform for professionals who want to show they are a thought leader in their industry. We don’t know when in-person events will start again so for the time being, online events are the best way to connect to your community and share your knowledge. LinkedIn is about to release Audio Rooms as a new format for live online events!

What are Audio Rooms?

The pandemic highlighted a new type of social media platform that was focused on audio. We aren’t talking about music, it is more like a live podcast. Clubhouse seemed to grow in popularity overnight, so it was only a matter of time until other larger platforms followed suit.

The interesting thing about audio rooms is that listeners can “raise their hand” and get invited to speak when they have comments or questions for the leader of the room. This creates a brand new opportunity for live events!

How you can use Audio Rooms to host events

Promote your event. Before you start an event you must promote it! Through your social media posting, share the event date and time. If you have multiple speakers, tag them and talk about their contribution to the topic.

Longer events provide more value. Try to plan your talking points to last at least 20 minutes. This will allow for more meaningful conversation to take place and you won’t feel like you are rushing.

Allow listeners to ask questions. Listeners remain muted unless you turn them into a speaker. They can “raise their hand” which will notify you that they would like to speak. You may even notice an audience member that is influential in your topic and you can turn them into a speaker as well. These events can be more casual than live-stream video events.

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