Like any business, real estate can greatly benefit from social media marketing! This industry needs to think hard about their demographics though and how to use social media for real estate. Facebook has more of an older audience, people who may be more likely to have the income to purchase a home.

Avoid apps like Snapchat or TikTok, because those audiences tend to be younger Millennials and Gen Z. Be sure to create a Facebook Business page and fully update it with hours and contact information. Linkedin is more focused on B2B marketing, but you can use this to network and connect to other agents. Instagram is a great social media platform to market your real estate business! Viewers like seeing stylish home decor and property photos.

Content Ideas
Property photos. You can upload your property photos on social media to advertise your active listings. Share interior and exterior shots! The Instagram algorithm promotes posts that people spend more time looking at, so Carousel posts of at least 3 images perform well.
Testimonials. Use content your happy clients have created for you! Share positive reviews and photos to portray trust in your business. Always ask their permission before sharing their photos, especially if they are in the pictures. Some people don’t want their pictures shared to bigger audiences.
Renovation ideas. Creating shareable content is a great way for more people to see your business. Share tips for home decor or renovations to provide value to your followers. Your ranking in the Instagram algorithm will also improve when people share your posts. Try to incorporate tips to your content once a week.
Announcements. Do you have an open house coming up? Make a post about it. This is something you can share across all of your social media platforms. Share the flyer online or create your own graphic with the information. Always double check that your dates and addresses are correct!
Short video tours. Video is the favorite way to consume content on almost every platform. Instagram has two ways to upload videos to the app, IGTV and Reels. If you want to do a more extensive tour, IGTV videos can be up to 10 minutes long. Reels can only be one minute long so use these for quick room tours or if you want to highlight a specific feature of a home.
New listings. Some of your followers may stick around because they are looking for that one perfect house. Share your new listings as soon as you can, you may find the house is taken off the market quick!Final Tips

Final Tips

Since you are running a business never forget to add your contact information so those that are interested in a home can reach you. Whenever you post a listing on Instagram, put that specific link in your bio so interested buyers can find more information. When you share links in captions, they are not clickable and look bulky. Every other social media platform allows clickable links in captions however, so always add the link to the listing in the post on those platforms.