Language connects us and drives us. Communication is extremely important day-to-day, but it is also important in social media marketing. The language you use in your posts should captivate and entice your audience to take action. This is why they are called “call-to-actions!” If you purchase our cheap social media services, you will see these tactics in practice! 

There are certain types words that capture your target audience’s attention:

Imply exclusivity. We want what we can’t have, or what others can’t have. These words and phrases make the viewer think they are special and important.

Examples: “Become a member”, “Get it before anyone else,” “Be the first,” “Apply to be a founding member.”

Power words. These are strong words that have importance and weight to them. 

Examples: “Complete,” “Premier,” “Bonus,” “Improve,” “Breakthrough,” “Increase,” “Grow,” “Profit,”

Imply scarcity. Scarcity words and phrases make your audience think they will miss out if they don’t click. People fear missing out on a deal, so this is a great thing to focus on.

Examples: “Limited offer,” “This month only,” “Last chance,” “Just 3 spots left,” “Early-bird rate ends soon.”

Lower risk. Low risk sounding words and phrases help your audience understand your authority in the industry. These kinds of words also build trust in your brand. 

Examples: “Certified,” “Money-back guaranteed,” “Crowd-favorite,” “Reliable,” “Results,” “Expert,” “No questions asked.”

One word you should not forget in your social media marketing copy is “you.” People want to feel like they aren’t just another person in a crowd. Identify them and their struggles in your captions. If you want someone to take action you need to explain how to do it! 

Our social media managers can help maintain your brand voice while incorporating the best language to bring you more business at an affordable cost. Let us help you promote your business online! 

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