Your business’s social media can experience so many benefits to hosting a contest but coming up with contest ideas can be tricky if you don’t know where to start! Before brainstorming what contest you would like to do, you need to identify your goals. 

What are your goals?

Increase engagement. When your engagement is lacking in your posts it can damage your ranking in the algorithm over time. To give your engagement a boost you can host a contest to get likes, shares, or comments. 

Increase followers. Growing your following takes time, but a contest is a quick way to bring new followers to your profile and build your brand. 

Collect leads. Because contest posts usually have a higher engagement rate and get pushed to more users, you can collect lead information and build your email list. 

Increase brand awareness. As a new business, you may find it difficult to get people to recognize your brand online. Certain contests help increase your reach and introduce your products to more users. 

Ideas for Social Media Contests

Like/share/comment to win. These contests are the most common and the simplest way to increase engagement. 

UGC photo contests. User-generated content photo contests can help you increase engagement with your brand through tagging and increase brand awareness. You also receive a stock of user-generated content you can use in your social media posting.

Tag a friend. When an existing follower tags a friend in your contest post, you may get a new follower but at the very least, you increase brand awareness! If you consistently post high-quality content, the friend is more likely to stick around and follow you. 

Follow to win. This type of contest directly increases your follower count. If that is your primary goal, this is a good choice. Keep in mind that many people will unfollow after the contest is done. 

Sign-up contest. Generate leads through a sign-up contest. Ask followers to sign up for your email list and randomly choose a subscriber to win. 

Collaborative contest. Partner up with an influencer or another business in your niche to make a more enticing giveaway. When they promote the giveaway you will get more brand awareness!

98 Buck Social’s affordable social media plans help your organic growth, but if you want a boost in followers, engagement, or brand awareness a contest may be for you! Contact us if you want to host a contest and we can schedule the appropriate posts.