A new year is approaching so it’s a good time to start planning your social media posting! Social media can be time-consuming so if you have an arsenal of content to refer to for ideas it makes it easier to maintain your online presence. Here are some ideas for your 2022 social media posts:

Remind people who you are.

It is a good practice to reintroduce yourself every so often, but the new year is a perfect time if you haven’t done so in a while. Share your mission, your origin story, your team, and anything you think is important about you and your business.

Do a Q&A.

When you get new followers they may have questions about your business. There are a couple of ways you can make a Q&A post on social media. You can make a single post to ask people their questions and directly answer them in the comments or use the questions to make captions for your following posts. Another idea is to use the question sticker in Instagram Stories to receive questions and then make a series of posts answering them.

Repurpose old content.

Go through your best-performing content from the previous year and remake it for 2022. Change photos and alter the text to make it look new and fresh. You can repurpose a lot of things like your old blog posts!

Ask people to sign up for your email list.

Never miss an opportunity to talk about your email list! If you have new followers they may not even know you have one. A new year can also be a great time to rework your email freebie.

Let an employee take over for a day.

Showcase your company culture and give your followers a different perspective on your business with an employee take-over. They can share an in-feed post and share to Stories or your Snapchat all day to show what it is like to work for your business.

If you want to implement any of these ideas into your affordable social media plan, let us know! At 98 Buck, we love to hear from you!