Comments are one of the best ways to increase engagement on your posts and build a community around your brand. The amount of comments you get impacts your ranking and determines if your posts get pushed to other users that don’t follow you yet. With new updates, it can feel harder and harder to get comments on your posts. These are some ideas to elicit responses on your social media posting: 

Start a “comment battle.” While this may sound controversial, you can start a comment battle over silly things like ice cream cones versus bowls. People are opinionated and like having discussions. Ask your followers a question that has some aspect of debate or controversy associated with it. 

Reply to your comments quickly. Social media algorithms take note of which accounts are connecting to their followers and which one’s post and run (accounts that post and don’t respond or spend extra time on the app). Fast response times aren’t only good for customer service, it increases your ranking in the algorithm. If there are more comments and replies on your post, it will perform better and may show up on users’ Explore pages. 

Create “fill in the blank” posts. Fun, creative posts make your followers want to engage with your posts. In the captions of your posts, ask users to fill in the blank of a statement. Try to remain in your niche. 

Make comments a requirement in a giveaway post. Giveaway posts have the most engagement because people like to get free things! When listing the rules of your giveaway include a requirement for comments. This can be the answer to a question or their favorite emoji. If you would like to host a giveaway for your business, 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media posts can be adjusted to include your directions.

Know when your followers are most active. There are times they are more likely to engage and times they are just quickly scrolling in a moment of free time. If they are just scrolling they are less likely to leave a comment. You should have access to the times your followers are active in the analytics, so try to only post during those times.

Comment on other posts. Share your insight on other posts relevant to your industry! These should be insightful, not quick one to two-word comments that look spammy. Social media was created to help people connect to a community online and your business is part of that community. When you include your insights and stories on other posts, users will see them and may look at your account and follow you.