Facebook Messenger is a direct line to your customers! Facebook is working hard to make messenger more and more efficient for its users and for businesses. Can you utilize this service for your cheap social media marketing? Yes! Messaging apps have grown a lot in the last few years and it is time to start using them!

Set up automated responses for frequently asked questions. Save your business time with automated responses! Facebook has made it easy to add your most asked questions to your messenger. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your social media posting.

Communicate quickly. Whenever possible, try to respond to messages within 24 hours. People understand that you won’t respond on weekends or days you are closed, but if it is during business hours, they expect a response quickly.

Redirect and improve the customer experience. Negative reviews can ruin a business, but they are often misunderstandings and can be made right. If someone leaves a negative review on your Facebook Page, leave them a comment asking them to send you a message. Just this simple action can make someone realize there is a caring person behind your business and that their concerns will be heard.

Use Facebook Messenger like a newsletter. If you have an event or private group, send important information to the participants. The read/open rate is much higher than in an email. You will notice more people responding or filling out surveys when they receive the information in a message on Facebook!

Click-To-Messenger Ads. These kinds of cheap Facebook ads allow you to use “send message” as a call to action! When you want people to reach out to you for more information or a free consultation this is an incredible option. Another kind of messenger ad is a sponsored message. This allows you to start a conversation with someone who has previously messaged your Facebook page.