The topic on every marketer’s mind is Facebook reach. It always seems so unattainable compared to other social media platforms like Instagram, but we want to help make it easy!

Did you know there are different kinds of Facebook reach?

Organic reach: This is the kind of reach most people think about. Organic reach is the amount of people who see your unpaid social media posting. You are competing with ads and posts from a user’s friends and family (which is ranked higher in Facebook’s algorithm).

Viral reach: This reach is determined by how many people saw your content because someone they knew “liked” it. If you have seen a post because someone else liked it, that is exactly what viral reach is.

Facebook ad reach: This metric is measured by who saw your Facebook ad at least once. You can have a higher reach if you have a larger budget and if you found a very clear audience.

Tips to improve your reach

Optimize content for Facebook. When you post on Facebook, that content has to be made for Facebook. For example, when you share a video make sure it is uploaded to the platform and not just a linked YouTube Video. You also don’t need as many hashtags as Instagram and if you narrow them to be more relevant, it helps your ranking!

Stay consistent. The accounts that see the most engagement are those that post on a consistent-basis. This lets the algorithm know you are active. If it is hard for you to find the time to post every day, we can help! Our social media marketers can post regular content on your behalf.

Time your posts right. This won’t make or break your marketing but it can drastically improve your reach! Make sure you post when your audience is active on Facebook. Our marketers keep track of this for you in our cheap social media marketing plans!

Use video and Facebook Live. The posts that get the most viral reach tend to be video! Utilize Facebook’s live feature to connect with your audience. Users are more likely to share a highly informative video with their friends.

Find new followers with ads. Organic reach on Facebook is hard and ads can help make sure your posts are seen by new potential customers! 98 Buck’s cheap Facebook ads are the best solution to make sure your ads convert.