Instagram Insights is an amazing tool built right into the app! It provides information on your demographics as well as profile and content performance. To get access to this information, you need to have a business account. If you haven’t made the switch yet, any content posted after will begin collecting data that you can track.

Each Post Counts

You are able to see insights in three different places: on your profile, on

Instagram Insights

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an individual post, or in an Instagram Story.

In the analytics from your profile, Instagram created an overview with percentages of reach, interactions, and follower growth. When you tap on accounts reached, you can see how many accounts saw your profile, posts, and stories. It also breaks down profile visits, website taps, and email button taps. When you scroll down, it displays your top posts of the week by reach, but if you click see all, it will order all of your posts with highest reach at the top.

In this section you can switch between top posts by comment, impressions, likes, profile visits and more. You can even filter by video, photo, and carousel posts. All of this information can help you figure out what sort of content your followers engage well with, and what entices new people to follow your account. All of these features can also be used on your stories, and your IGTV videos. However, you can only see insights for your stories for up to two weeks.

Easily See Which Content Resonates Best With Your Audience

Also in Overview you can see your Follower Breakdown. It displays your growth in the last seven days with Follows, Unfollows, and Overall (the average between the two). When you scroll down, it displays your top locations and age range. Perhaps the most helpful part of this section is Most Active Times. This shows what days your followers are most active on Instagram and what times.

With this information you can post when your followers are most active. If you are doing paid promotions, Promotion Insights can help you determine if it was successful. It breaks down promotion clicks either to your website or to your profile. This insight shows the people reached, and the demographics of those accounts (gender, age, and location).

To see how a specific post is doing, when you pull up the photo or video, View Insights will be above the caption. Tap it to see the Follows, Reach, and Impressions. Impressions are broken down further to see what came from Home, Hashtags, Location, and Other.

Instagram Stories Insights

Insights from your Instagram Stories can be very helpful too. When you open up your story, and tap on Seen By… you can see accounts reached, impressions, follows, and navigation. Navigation tells you what your followers did when they watched your story. They can go back, forward, swipe to the next story, and exit. If they swiped to the next story, you may have lost their interest. When they go forward they are wanting to see the end of your stories.

The longer you have a business account, the more you can understand from your Insights. This will also continue to build and change when you get more followers. The most useful information is when your followers are most active and what kind of content they most enjoy. With this you and your business can be more successful on Instagram!