In 2022, Gen Z is calling the shots for Instagram trends across many industries! As digital natives and the growing consumer base for many businesses, what they look for will shift how the rest of us purchase. If your business falls into any of these industries, take note for your social media posting in 2022!


Maximalist fashion. We have spent two years in cozy clothes while working from home and many people are ready to dress up again and experiment with fashion. Many alt-fashion trends will reach their peak

Minimalist makeup. Clean beauty products reign supreme as more consumers become aware of what goes on their skin. This will translate into less extreme makeup looks and fewer products in general.


Short video formats are changing music. Video platforms like TikTok are changing how we discover and listen to new music. Also, music releases will increasingly incorporate video formats. Artists are creating short films to go with their new releases and viewers love to consume their music in this visual way.


Social media and AR shopping. Pretty much everyone has made the shift to online shopping at this point but now we are seeing social media shopping more and more. Larger brands have included storefronts on their profiles and individuals have created digital thrift stores as side hustles.


Experimentation is happening at home. Young people are having a great time making their own creations and getting inspiration from chefs and restaurants they follow online. Baking sourdough became a trend for many during the pandemic and other food trends will follow in the new year.


Mental health and holistic practices. Researchers found mental health is declining after the past two years spent in increased isolation. People are taking their mental health seriously and following steps to feel like themselves again. Meditation and exercise are some of the most popular methods for young people but they are also other holistic methods.

When new trends arise, you should revamp your cheap social media marketing plans. 98 Buck is always happy to incorporate your ideas into your content!