It’s no secret that social media has become a near necessity when it comes to the promotion of your business. The main question we hear people ask regarding platforms is, “which one is right for me?”. While there is no right or wrong platform, there are certainly some better suited to some businesses than others depending on your goals. Both Instagram and Facebook are owned by Facebook, so Facebook advertising services are essentially performed the same way on Instagram. Wondering whether Instagram or Facebook is right for you? If so, we’ve got a breakdown!

Facebook is a HUGE social platform, and traditionally the most popular for small businesses. Facebook offers the largest reach ability and allows account holders to post links (unlike Instagram). Facebook ad also currently hold the most success of all social media platforms!

In addition to all the factors listed above, Facebook’s key target audience is mainly adults and older adults. So, depending on the audience your company is trying to target, will help determine if Facebook is the right outlet for you! 

So, what can Instagram offer? Instagram tends to offer the highest level of engagement amongst all social media platforms. A picture is worth a thousand words, and boy, do the popular ones get comments! If you’re looking to communicate and engage with your audience, Instagram can certainly help you accomplish this. Jus be sure to have the right content to suit Instagram, like engaging videos and images. 

In addition, Instagram is the highest performing app for younger adults and teens. Trying to target a younger crowd? If so, this may be your best bet at doing so! 

There’s no denying that two apps both have strengths and weaknesses. They are BOTH always attempting to come out with new ways to keep their audiences happy, and they tend to usually do a good job. There’s also no denying that typically, the two together, make an unstoppable pair for a business.

Eager to find out which platform would suit your company the most appropriately? If so, contact our team at 98 Buck Social today!

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