What is it?

Social proof is connected to the idea of normative social influence; people will conform to be accepted by society. Generally social proof is borrowing from a third-party influence to persuade potential customers to choose your business or your product over another one.

How can you add it to your website:

Testimonials. This is the most commonly used social proof for a reason! It is easy to collect and it builds trust. People are more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended, even if it’s recommended by a person they don’t know.

Celebrity endorsements. Celebrities and well-known industry professionals are amazing resources to show off your value. Endorsements take testimonials to the next level!

Media mentions. Were you interviewed in a local magazine, newspaper, or radio station? Try to take excerpts from these sources and include them on your website.

Social media. More and more brands are using social media statuses as social proof, because social media is becoming so mainstream. Integrate your social media posting into your website with widgets!

Best Sellers. If you show a best selling product on your website, you will see more conversions on those products! They may be on the fence but when they see the product is a best seller, they will be persuaded.

Product ratings. People are more likely to purchase a product that has positive reviews over one that has none. Add a spot on the product listing to view reviews and send follow up a follow up email after purchase to collect reviews! 

Number of orders. By showing the number of sales you have it will make you seem like a more established brand. If you are a newer company skip this until you have built up your number of sales.

Ambassadors. Create an ambassador program so your best customers can champion your productucs for you! If they love it they will pass on the passion to their friends and family!

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