Social media has the power to increase visibility in all sectors including education! With increasingly younger children getting access to cell phones and Gen Z beginning their higher education, many institutions have the opportunity to utilize social media. There are some things you should know when creating an affordable social media marketing plan.

Showcase your authority. If you are a large university or even a small tutoring program, you have authority in your specific fields! When you craft your content, use your knowledge and educate your followers. They will feel like they are getting something for free and you will increase interest in your institution. Also if you look like an expert in your field, it is more likely your orginizatoin will be chosen over a competitor.

Highlight your mission. This is surely a part of your organization you are proud of, so talk about it! This will attract students and parents who also value what you do. Sustainability is very important ot many people right now, so if this is also part of your values, talk about this in your social media posting.

Maintain a platform-specific approach. Who are you marketing to? The potential students or the parents or both? Your answer to this question will determine which platform you should be marketing on. Parents are more likely to be on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The students are probably mostly on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat (but this may vary depending on the age of your average student). Whatever platforms you decide to market on, maintain your voice across them all. When someone finds your establishment’s accounts they should always sound like you.

Connect to your community. Some of the most entertaining accounts connected to educational institutions are either ran by the students or the students get control of the accounts occasionally. Letting enrolled students share their life on campus or in classes show potential students what their experience could also be.