Social media is continuously evolving. One day you could wake up and see that the layout of your Facebook page is entirely different, or you might notice that the features on Instagram aren’t quite the same as they were before. If you’ve ever wondered how to stay up to date on these ever-changing social media trends, follow these tips.

Make social media savvy friends: Your friend who talks a lot about the latest Facebook or Twitter features might be able to help you out in the long run. You can use them to stay up to date on what’s new with social media. If you don’t have any social media savvy friends, try finding some. Attend a couple of social media events and connect with new people who are willing to give you advice on how to stay updated on any new social media features.

Follow social media blogs: Not only are social media blogs informative, but they’re also free! These blogs will go in detail about any recent trend or updated feature you might want to know more about. Be sure to make some time to read through the content, and don’t overwhelm yourself by following too many blogs. Just one or two with quality content should do.

Follow the right social media profiles: Twitter, for example, is a great resource for getting information. Make sure you’re following the right gurus who will share their thoughts on anything new with social media. You can also join social media groups on Facebook or LinkedIn by using the platform’s search engine to find the right groups.

Set up Google Alerts: There are many advantages to using Google Alerts. You can choose a specific topic and get information emailed to you daily, which means less time searching. It’s a simple way to stay on top of any breaking news related to social media.

Keeping up with social media changes doesn’t have to be complicated, and with these handy tips in mind, you’ll always be in the know of anything new.

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