It’s no secret that social media is only getting bigger and better as the years go on. So, you may be wondering,  “what can my brand do to stand out amongst the millions upon millions of social media accounts out there”? The answer? User generated content! It may seem too simple to be true, but trust us, there’s nothing that could help build your business more!

So, what exactly is user-generated content (UGC)? UGC is any type of content created and shared by a brand’s audience. It helps to spotlight a brand, product, or service by using a user’s own channel, rather than using the company’s social media pages.

Mixing in UGC can really help your business increase brand engagement. According to a recent study, brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to a mixture of professional marketing content and user-generated content. While we can’t underestimate the power of traditional advertisements and media, millenials do seem to really respond to UGC! In fact, 86% of millenials have said that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand.

UGC can also help to build a trustworthy name or brand. According to crowdriff, 47% of millenials and 36% of baby boomers trust UGC, whereas only 25% of demographics say they trust branded content. You may think branded content comes off as more professional, and in some ways you’re right! This is why it’s important to keep a balanced mix of both authentic and honest UGC, along with professional and well-written branded content.

Lastly, UGC provides your customers with the ability to voice their opinions. Not only will it help your consumers the opportunity to feel their voice is heard, it will also give your brand the ability to get honest and (sometimes incredibly helpful) feedback, and what it comes to the success of your business, all feedback is important!

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