There are so many other platforms to market on, so why should you care about LinkedIn? Well, if you are a B2B company, or just want to connect with other professionals, you should be on Linkedin! 98 Buck offers social media posting to your LinkedIn page if you need help boosting your presence!

Control who can see your connections. Often your connections are your professional friends, but they are also your clients you’ve worked hard to find. Don’t let competitors poach them! LinkedIn gives you the option to hide your connections from everyone but yourself.

View profiles privately. Looking at other business profiles can be incredibly informative for your own business. This is also a great way to vet possible new hires. However, you probably don’t want your competitors, or job candidates to see you have looked at their profile. LinkedIn allows you to look at profiles anonymously!

Schedule meetings and interviews. LinkedIn is a great recruiting resource. The LinkedIn Scheduler can sync with your calendar so when you send InMail to candidates and they will be able to see your availability and streamline how you schedule meetings.

Create polls. LinkedIn Polls are a perfect way to increase engagement or find leads. You can ask fun thought-provoking questions or questions that address a pain point that your business solves. As the admin, you are able to see who answered the questions and reach out to them about your business!

Promote inclusion with name pronunciation. Because the business world is becoming so diverse it is important to help make a good first impression. The same letter can have different pronunciations in different cultures and languages! Click on the audio icon next to a person’s name on their profile to hear how they pronounce it.

Inspire engagement in LinkedIn Live. Live video gets 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than in-feed videos, according to LinkedIn. With our cheap social media services, we handle your regular posting, so you can focus on other ways to build your business like hosting live events!