During unpredicted events that affect your business, your marketing will sit center stage. Customers are not going to know how these events affect your finances or how your human resources department is responding to them, but your marketing is going to have to change its messages.
How to find the right message can be difficult, especially in times such as those we are currently experiencing with COVID-19 when the situations change quickly. Trust and integrity are something you will want to impart on your customers to let them know you are not taking advantage of this tragedy, but are there to help them through it more easily with your product or service.

Listen for Changes
It’s crucial to listen to what your customers are doing and how they’re feeling. Set your VoC (voice of the customer) programs to see if there are references to COVID-19. Also, use your social listening to monitor your customers’ discussions to learn if there is anything relevant to your brand. Your account management teams and sales departments can also keep you informed with news from the front lines. Another good source to monitor your customer’s needs is to give careful attention to customer care emails, service chats, and phone calls.

Balance Responses
As a marketing team, you will want to support your customers and protect the relationships you’ve created with them. At the same time, you have to be honest about what you can deliver and what you cannot at this time. Balance your responses so that you don’t take actions that will only provide short-term stability for your business and end up costing you customer trust.

Adapting Your Marketing Plan During COVID-19 Outbreak
Societal changes are going to affect your marketing plan with the COVID-19 outbreak. You will have to anticipate likely changes in your marketing plan and be prepared to take alternative actions. Areas to focus on will include:
Delivering content- The content you are producing will have to be compelling. People are now spending more time at home, and brands that put out uplifting and lighthearted material are going to be appreciated and get the most attention. They will also be looking for encouraging content for support. If your company has any VR content, this just might be the perfect time to relaunch this material or bring it out.
Secure your media- Everyone is going to be looking to secure their spots in the media. Opportunities are also going to have to compete with the United States Presidential Campaigns, so securing your media placement quickly is imperative. Start right away by planning with your publishers and media planners to secure your access before you get crowded out.

Alternative marketing ideas
Due to COVID-19, restrictions on large crowd gatherings are being put in place across the country. If you’ve planned a marketing meeting, don’t wait until it is canceled to develop a backup plan. Hold a virtual event in its place and keep your team working on new ideas while still being in touch with each other.
COVID-19 has made all of us, businesses and customers alike take a whole new look at how the world works. Your marketing strategy may have to change to meet these new times, but it can still remain productive and successful.

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