With so many social media platforms to choose from, it may be overwhelming to choose where your business should devote attention. Don’t overlook the potential of Twitter as a valuable resource for your business! With over 330 million active users, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, allowing users to read and post short messages, so-called tweets, and is quickly becoming the go to platform for businesses to reach their audience.

How can your business make the most of your efforts on this platform? Read on to learn more!

Be Social!

Engaging more often with responses to your tweets and mentions will directly impact the efficacy of your tweets. Positive actions boost exposure, and Twitter’s algorithm is working to show users more of what they might like. If you take the time to engage with those who mention you, you can effectively boost your page’s exposure.

More Room to Tweet!

Last year Twitter unveiled a new feature that was game changing for businesses. By doubling the number of characters useable, you no longer need to limit your creativity, or put together grammatically questionable responses, which can look unprofessional. You can also use the extra space to create well worded intros for blogs, add spaces between lines to break up text, or simply add more emojis to get your readers attention!

The most important part of any social media platform is consistency and authenticity. Your audience can be found on Twitter, so you should be there too! Engage with your audience in a meaningful and authentic way, and make use of the new available space! If you need assistance with your business’ Twitter presence, 98 Buck Social is here to help!