The goal in any cheap social media marketing plan is to increase your amount of followers not lose them! Have you noticed your Twitter follower count decreasing? There are a few things you may be doing that results in losing followers!

How little you post. Twitter is one of the most fast-moving platforms. If you only post once a week, you won’t show up in your followers’ feed. 98 Buck’s social media posting is daily so you are always present on Twitter!

How often you post. Unfortunately this problem can go the opposite direction too! If you are bombarding your followers’ feeds with your tweets, they will likely click the unfollow button. Stick to updating your feed once a day to a few times a day. Any more than that and your followers will want to tune you out!

You don’t respond to comments or direct messages. Social media is called “social” for a reason. You shouldn’t be getting up on a soap box and talking at your followers. Engage in conversations in your mentions and messages! It can be time consuming but it is always worth it.

Your posts aren’t unique. If someone else can do what you are doing, but better, your followers will prefer them over you. Provide unique and insightful information that makes you stand out from the crowd!

All your posts are ads or sales. It is important to mix up the kind of content you are sharing on Twitter. People don’t watch TV for the ads, they watch it for entertainment. Sharing free, helpful information builds trust in your business. When you do post a promotion, your followers will want to support you instead of getting annoyed!

To ensure you aren’t committing any of these faux pas, do an audit of your Twitter and reflect on what you can improve upon!