Your social media profiles aren’t nearly as customizable as your website but Instagram has just launched a new feature to allow for more customization! Now you can pin three posts to the top of your profile. When a new user finds your profile you have control over the first three posts they see, unlike before when you were limited by chronological posts. Soon we will see the ability to change the entire profile display, although that feature does not have a launch date. 

You can choose Reels or regular posts for your Pinned Posts, so the sky’s the limit. Here are some post ideas you can pin to the top of your profile:

Introduction. You only get 150 characters to work with in your bio, but captions allow 2,200 characters! If you have already created an introduction post in your social media posting, this is a great Pinned Post to include. The post should include who you are or what your business values are. It can also be about your expertise.

FAQ. As a business, you probably get asked the same few questions over and over again. Pin a post that answers them to help new followers learn more about your business. As we stated before, you get 2,200 characters to write your caption. In your posts, you can write informative and helpful answers to your frequently asked questions! 

Best-selling product highlights. If someone new comes across your Instagram profile, what product would you want them to learn about first? Your best-selling products do well for a reason. Pin a post that has useful information that would convince a new follower to buy that product. Information like key benefits or how to use that product can go a long way in leading that person to buy from you. 

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