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98 Buck Social’s Phone Policy

At 98 Buck Social, we work with literally over 1,300 businesses. Everyone wants to talk social strategy. But that takes time and serious resources. Many of us have been doing this for years to gain this experience, and it’s valuable information, and that time is valuable. We’re an online social media company, not a training company. Posting every weekday to over thousands of social pages is a lot of work we do each day for a very low cost, and to fit in phone calls too!), We do it for you, not teach you how do to it, unless you want that level of service. That’s why we only offer phone support in our Level 4 clients, or you can add it on to any package for $98. This breaks downs to 2, 30 minute phone sessions a month.

We give you a FREE consulting package during your sales process! Ask questions, get dialed in, understand how it all works. Learn how to use 98 Buck Social to get your content exactly where you want it, or let us show you what that looks like if you want the hands-off approach. But after that, unless you’re on a level 4, or a higher level advertising package or website deal, you must use our HELP DESK: Remember, we also have to schedule those calls. All calls are scheduled here at 98 Buck Social. It’s much more productive, and it keeps our prices nice and low for you.

Affordable Social Media If you’re utilizing a lower level package with online support only. Please use the HELP DESK and expect to communicate all issues by email:

This is to your success, we have services and pricing setup to be some of the lowest in the industry at the highest quality.  Just remember your free sales consultation is you chance to talk about your account. After that, your options are to use the help desk or adding on strategy calls with our top experts for only $98.

Thanks so much for understanding! We continue to be one of the largest and most successful low cost social media providers in the country, and we plan on staying that way!

*Please note: this phone policy is agreed upon by you when you agree to our Terms and Conditions ( upon sign up and again when you fill out and sign our onboarding survey.