Do you find yourself scrolling through your feeds and thinking to yourself, “Why am I even following this brand?” Cringeworthy content, clearly sales-driven posting and random memes do not belong on ANYONE’S business pages!

When we asked our friends and followers, 87% said that they will unfriend or unfollow an account if they feel like they are being bombarded with sale questions or offers, and if they find the content irrelevant or offensive. One of the most important things to remember in order to have a successful social media marketing campaign is that your content should speak to your target audience. Is your company personable? Do you offer helpful advice in your field? Is it educational? Does it have a soul? After all, were all people, and social media is intrinsically social.

If you find yourself hitting a roadblock when it comes to social media engagement, take a step back and reassess your marketing strategy. Can you identify one or more of these problems on your feed?

Promotional Posts Galore:

Although promos are a necessary evil, they should be used as sprinkles, rather than the whole sundae. Would you enjoy a one-sided conversation in person that leaves you with no opportunities for interaction? We’re betting that your answer is “no.” So why would you assume that your social media audience would?

Instead of formulating closed-off posts, try to focus the majority of your strategy on posts that encourage response and engagement from your potential buyers. If you set out to engage people in a more meaningful way, while featuring your products and services, you will find yourself surrounded by a loyal brand community in no time.

Bonus Tip: User generated content is HOT! Get your influencers, friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, barista, anyone, to take pictures with your product (or receiving the service you provide) to re-share on your company pages. These kinds of promotional posts build trust and credibility for your business, and get people involved in what you have to offer.

Irrelevant Ideas:

Do you remember that killer DIY on how to decorate your Christmas tree on a budget? Or how about that hilarious meme your yoga friend sent you last week? While these would be appropriate on your personal page, we don’t recommend putting them on your law firm’s Twitter, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Although it can be tough as a small business owner to draw the line between professional and personal, being industry specific is a necessity when it comes to curating content that users will find enjoyable. Relevant content should give them insight into what your company is about, how you can help and what you stand for, while sticking to your brand aesthetic and tone.

Bonus Tip: When you’re working with us to manage your businesses social content, we encourage you to follow our lead here. Use your personal page for the random, the funny and the edgy, and keep content fresh, streamlined and professional on your business page if you choose to supplement our posts.

Ignoring Your Engagement:

A whopping 89% of responses in the comment section of a business’ posts go unanswered. This is a huge problem that you might not even realize you’re doing. When your goal is to boost engagement, you must acknowledge when an opportunity to chat is presented.

We know that responding to comments may not be at the top of your daily to-do, but it is an essential part of interacting with potential clients and building your following. Luckily, your responses don’t need to be wordy! A simple ‘thanks’ or smiley face emoji is all it takes. When was the last time you responded to a customer comment on your social? Can’t remember? Go do it now! We’ll wait…. 😉

Bonus Tip: Have you checked your DM’s on Instagram lately? They can be easy to miss, but are usually chock full of tagged photos, influencer requests or friendly hellos- aka, where the magic happens! Not sure where to find them? When you log into Instagram, and you’re on your main feed, look for the little paper airplane on the top right corner.

If you are new to the world of social media strategy or you just want to understand what our strategy is for engagement, keep these common user-errors in the back of your mind. Remember that social media is just that: social. Have fun and remember the actual humans behind the usernames! 👋