Jerry A. Avatar
Jerry A.

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- 12/30/2021

Adam J. Avatar
Adam J.

Sarah is incredible !

She listened very closely to what we needed and knocked it out of the park.

Quick to respond, very efficient and professional. We are very fortunate to have her helping us with our social media.

Give this girl a raise she is a real asset !
- 12/22/2021

Austin A. Avatar
Austin A.

absolutely horrible. they cant even onboard and have horrible customer aervice. - 12/21/2021

Patrick S. Avatar
Patrick S.

Fast, reliable service from a qualified team of social media experts! - 12/20/2021

Robin R. Avatar
Robin R.

We wish we could leave a 10 star review. Buck Social is wonderful to work with and Sarah is professional and always quick to respond to our needs. Can't recommend Buck Social enough! Awesome group!!Sarah is AWESOME!!! - 12/17/2021

Michelle K. Avatar
Michelle K.

Absolutely, the easiest and most pro photo shoot I've ever hired. --such a good deal.

Sarah was so easy to communicate and creatively collaborate with. She got it! We used all the images she shot, even adding ones she took liberty to include that we did not initially direct.

We will use again for sure.
- 12/16/2021

Adam P. Avatar
Adam P.

Sarah Pinder has been amazing to work with. As an extension of our marketing team 98 Buck Social really streamlines our social media marketing process. Highly recommended. - 12/16/2021

Ken W. Avatar
Ken W.

Sarah Pinder and the team have been great !! really helps our marketing and brand awareness! - 12/16/2021

Robert C. Avatar
Robert C.

98 Buck Social keeps all of my social media posts on track. Sarah is the best!! She has a complete understanding of content I need and is always on schedule. - 12/16/2021

Jumah S. Avatar
Jumah S.

Sarah Pinder, my social media marketing manager has been a pleasure to work with for the past couple of months. She's a great communicator and she is extremely patient and accommodating. I've enjoyed working with her on my social media campaigns and I highly recommend her! - 12/15/2021

Colin D. Avatar
Colin D.

98 buck social have delivered with everything that they said they would. Sarah has created great content for our posts. She is always professional, on time and a pleasure to work with. - 12/14/2021

Andrew M. Avatar
Andrew M.

Thank you for the consistent and timely postings. - 12/14/2021

Mababy Z. Avatar
Mababy Z.

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- 12/14/2021

Ginger K. Avatar
Ginger K.

Our partnership with 98 Buck Social to promote our hotel is one of the best investments we have made. Sarah is always willing to work with us to ensure that our hotel is promoted in the best light.
Anyone opening or running a business, call 98 Buck Social to guarantee success!!
- 12/13/2021

Angelica M. Avatar
Angelica M.

We needed help generating content for our social media accounts but were anxious about involving a third party in the process. After much research, we found 98 Buck Social and appreciated the warm welcome during onboarding and the enthusiasm from our social media manager Sarah. Responses are fast and clear, content fits our brand and our voice, the team is receptive to our feedback and friendly. - 12/13/2021

Will A. Avatar
Will A.

I love working with everyone at 98 Buck. Our clients are always impressed with their posts and are amazed at how well they match up with their branding voice. I highly recommend 98 Buck for all of your social media needs. - 12/08/2021

Carissa F. Avatar
Carissa F.

The team at 98 Buck has been helpful with both strategy and execution, as well as quick to respond with any inquiry. I definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs a helping hand with social. - 12/01/2021

Jim C. Avatar
Jim C.

We've been using 98 Buck Social for about a year now and it's been a great experience. Our social posts are now much more engaging and consistent. Sarah and the 98 Buck Social team have taken a big headache off our check list every week:) - 12/01/2021

Christopher B. Avatar
Christopher B.

We've been using 98 for a while now. Sarah has gotten into a great rhythm. The whole program runs like clockwork. Very happy with everything they do for us. - 12/01/2021

AC H. Avatar

98 Buck Social is the real deal. Completely took a load off my business and became our social media everything. Was not expecting our followers to grow as well as it did. But was also not expecting them to just understand my brand's very bold voice. But they nailed it. And we love it. Should have done this a long time ago. They're officially part of the team now! Atlanta Phoenix Football - 12/01/2021

Patrick K. Avatar
Patrick K.

We operate a smaller-sized firm and do not yet have any in-house assistance for our digital marketing needs. 98 Buck Social has been such a professional and helpful company for anything digital marketing/content creation related. Sarah (our marketing manager from 98 Buck Social) has been exceptional when it comes to customer service and content design. Definitely a company worth exploring if you are looking to outsource your digital marketing and advertising. - 12/01/2021

Tara S. Avatar
Tara S.

This service is great for brands and businesses starting up on social and in need of content and those looking for on-going posts. Intuitive platform too that links to all your social accounts, finds relevant news articles etc. Communication is fast with our reps being responsive to questions and needs. - 12/01/2021

Lori G. Avatar
Lori G.

I love working with 98 Buck Social and their content is always so fresh and relevant. They are super friendly and Sarah is very professional - 12/01/2021

Leah C. Avatar
Leah C.

Too many people I know have been scammed by this company, charged for either poor or no service and they refused to refund the money even when no actual service was provided. Bad business practices and they need to be shut down - 11/29/2021

James C. Avatar
James C.

This is a great group of people that are interested in making your business succeed.
Sarah who worked on my posts did a fantastic job.
Would recommend 98 BUCK SOCIAL to anyone
- 10/01/2021

Samantha J. Avatar
Samantha J.

They are great if you just need content posted on your social media. Tracking data, engagement and actual hashtag strategy is up to you.

I have to go in and add to each post more hashtags relevant to the content they posted because they use the same 7 or 8 generic tags for each post. You can't reach anyone that way. Their content team needs specific direction for what you need. I'd give them a 5 out of 10.
- 6/20/2021

Mickey W. Avatar
Mickey W.

people are pleased, they are getting traffic for their business. - 5/08/2021

Sean K. Avatar
Sean K.

I've been with 98 Buck Social now for 6 months on their posting, seo and FB ads programs. My business has steadily been growing and they definitely deliver on the leads. It's also nice to not have to think about something to post each day! Thanks 98 Bucks! - 3/28/2021

Michelle B. Avatar
Michelle B.

I am so happy to have found 98 Buck Social to help manage a client's social media. Sarah is amazing and is super fast in responding. We could not scale our social media strategy without them.

Thank you for all that you do to keep our online presence moving. It takes a village!
- 3/17/2021

Sunny L. Avatar
Sunny L.

98 Buck Social is a great social media management company! They have been a huge asset to the media and marketing aspects of launching my new business. Sarah Pinder is my marketing manager and she is responsive, creative with her postings and finding helpful articles that relate to my product, and professional. - 3/06/2021

Renèe H. Avatar
Renèe H.

Just starting working with this company and I'm so impressed. We've been looking for a long time for a social media company that lives up to our high standards and so far they are hitting every expectation. I absolutley LOVE working with Savannah Spalding ! She takes care of my account as if it were her own. THRILLED to have them as part of my team. - 3/05/2021

Jeffrey Y. Avatar
Jeffrey Y.

We started a couple of weeks ago and so far the Posts have been Wonderful - 3/05/2021

Bill Q. Avatar
Bill Q.

98 Buck Social manages our social media. They do I great job. They are creative and communicate well. - 3/05/2021

Keith S. Avatar
Keith S.

Excellent value and very professional! - 3/05/2021

Natalie E. Avatar
Natalie E.

I have a small business, but we have 3 departments and each department needed to make a weekly facebook post. I definitely spent more time reminding my team to make their posts than the time it would have taken me to just do them myself (which I didn't have time to do). That all changed when I hired 98 Buck Social. I now get 5 posts per week for $98 per month. That's $25 per week. We love the posts and love working with the team at 98 Buck Social. Sign up if you're hesitant and give them a month or so to get your brand right. Think of it as a new employee that you only have to pay $98 per month and never have to remind to do their job, but you do have to do some guidance in the first month. - 3/04/2021

Joseph C. Avatar
Joseph C.

98BuckSocial is a great company for social media management. I love the fact that they are local and affordable. The care they take in preparing the posts is exceptional and I would highly recommend. - 3/04/2021

Jordan L. Avatar
Jordan L.

I recommend 98 Buck Social for any digital marketing service that you might be looking for. Great experience and Sarah is a pleasure to work with! - 3/02/2021

KC W. Avatar

With superb service and attention to detail, 99 Buck Social was an invaluable asset as I grew my brand and company, Thank you... - 3/02/2021

Melissa A. Avatar
Melissa A.

After over a year of looking for social help, we stumbled upon 98Bucks, and decided to give them a try. We liked that they are all US-based and that we could get on the phone to go over questions with someone right away. We went for the level 2 package to have dedicated support and the opportunity to review posts. To be honest, I was skeptical because of not having found good help before. But from customer onboarding to working with my social media manager, Christina, I'm thrilled! It's been about two months now, and I'm so impressed with how Christina goes above and beyond to make posts relevant. She does a fantastic job repurposing content (such as our blog posts) and quickly responds to any question. She's also very welcoming of receiving ideas for posts--such as if we have a job to promote or if there are new topics. I can't say enough good things about Christina and 98Bucks. They have my highest recommendation! - 3/02/2021

Jose R. Avatar
Jose R.

Great service, consistent quality and dependable. These guys provide a much needed service to individuals such as myself who dont necessarily have the time to keep up with social media. Thank you so much! - 3/01/2021

Sanovia B. Avatar
Sanovia B.

My go-to product photographer. High quality images and timely responses - 2/26/2021

Joshua G. Avatar
Joshua G.

My company loves working with 98 Buck Social! Sarah is the best to deal with and is so responsive! I enjoy their services so much! - 2/26/2021

Rich J. Avatar
Rich J.

Using this quality social media management company has been outstanding. Post have been of quality and insightful for our customers GrowScripts so much that I was brought into the group even further by acquiring photography services. Sarah was professional and courteous in our communications for the styling and photo direction every step of the way. Best of all, I gave her complete freedom to capture her creative spark, and she accomplished just that. Beautiful photos without any hitches. What else could you ask? I assure you that GrowScripts will be back for more. Get all the latest content a few times here and there! - 2/25/2021

William P. Avatar
William P.

98 Buck Social has been instrumental in providing quality social media management so I could become hands off with social media content creation and posting so I could better scale my digital agency. I would highly recommend their services! - 2/25/2021

Christopher D. Avatar
Christopher D.

I was hesitant at first but not only was the work amazing but it gave me so much time to do other things.
The process is simple and I still have input when needed.
The only bad thing I have to say is I wish I saw their add sooner.
- 2/25/2021

Tim C. Avatar
Tim C.

98 Buck Social is nothing short of amazing. I use them for two of my businesses and they are adaptable - personable and just awesome people to work with. - 2/25/2021

Avia R. Avatar
Avia R.

I've really enjoyed working with them. My account manager is Sarah Pinder and she is also pleasant to work with. I could have never come up with weekly consistent I am thankful that they can. And people constantly give me feedback about the ads. Social media is critical and they have it mastered! I highly suggest them! - 2/25/2021

Mike N. Avatar
Mike N.

Working with 98 Buck has been a great, a little learning curve (on both sides) at the start, but were rolling along now. Our Business Vacation In The Keys is currently working with several staff members. Sarah Pinder is in contact weekly with our new post and quickly addresses any ad changes we request! she's a pleasure to work with and a great asset to 98 Buck.
Thanks for the good work, to all the staff at 98 Buck
Mike Hood
- 2/25/2021

Kevin B. Avatar
Kevin B.

We work with a lot of different partners based on our client's marketing needs, and 98 Buck is a great partner of ours. Sarah at 98 Buck is an amazing content curator and creator, and works collaboratively with us in developing the right social tone for our clients. Definitely would recommend 98 Buck Social. - 2/25/2021

Eddie T. Avatar
Eddie T.

Working with 98 Buck Social has been a rewarding experience. They are creative, prompt, and committed to quality. The functionality is easy and seamless. Way to go! - 2/25/2021

Laurel M. Avatar
Laurel M.

We love this service. Our content creator Christy researched our organization and services and has her full heart and mind into helping us share Emotional Brain Training (EBT) with the world. Thank you 98 Buck Social! - 2/25/2021

Michael C. Avatar
Michael C.

This is a high quality Social Media and ad management company. When I like best about working with them is their flexibility, availability and attention to detail. I highly recommend working with 98 Buck Social! - 2/25/2021

Zack M. Avatar
Zack M.

Working with 98 Buck Social has always been a pleasure. Like when you start most things in business, there’s a ramp up period. Ally has been nothing but helpful and Brittany gets back to me super fast. I think these negative reviewers are just amateurs and really don’t know what they’re doing at all. Seems they just take out their frustrations on the 98 Buck Social team. Working on third-party platforms like Facebook can create a lot of hurdles. Most of these novices simply just don’t know that or have never experienced it like most of us have. - 11/06/2020

Gary D. Avatar
Gary D.

In a day and age where most companies are mediocre at best, 98 buck social excels in every way. Constantly providing Professional and relative content that makes your company stand out. I highly recommend 98 bucks social. - 9/20/2020

Becca L. Avatar
Becca L.

Such an amazing company to work for! I am currently in a master's program and this is the perfect job for me because of how flexible it is. I also love all of my clients and I truly enjoy the creative freedom we are given with their social media accounts! 🦌💚 - 9/10/2020

Niki I. Avatar
Niki I.

98 Buck Social is a phenomenal company to work for! I've worked here for 7 months and have no complaints. I am able to work remotely and love the flexibility that offers as I have young children. The work is a perfect balance of challenging & straightforward. My supervisors are always available to answer questions and help me where needed. I love 98 Buck Social! - 9/08/2020

Bree N. Avatar
Bree N.

They particularly excel with Instagram. I've used them for the past 6 months and in that time I've gained 700 followers without my doing anything, just because their photos are engaging and the use of hashtags. I've also seen my DMs increase which has increased our sales. This is a very affordable option for a small business who doesn't have time to seek out engaging photos and write camption, research hashtags, etc. - 3/20/2020

Nicole L. Avatar
Nicole L.

98Buck Social is excellent at what they do! I've recommended them to numerous people because we've been so happy with the content of the posts and their professionalism. With very little (or no) oversight, they post on-point and engaging content, and it is wonderful to know that our social accounts are in good hands without having to manage the day to day. Highly recommend! - 2/07/2020

Erin M. Avatar
Erin M.

Our content manager, Brittany, was professional and quick. She read our brand well and made fantastic content catered to our company & goals. - 2/05/2020

Haley J. Avatar
Haley J.

Great customer service! It was intuitive and quick to set-up. The posts are on-brand, consistent and have great pictures. I'd highly recommend 98 Buck Social. 🚀 - 1/28/2020

Alan W. Avatar
Alan W.

Excellence in service from account executive Ms. Mallory Thompson, whose communication was stellar. She alone went out of her way to run interference and ensure our satisfaction. - 1/24/2020

Jenna S. Avatar
Jenna S.

We've loved working with 98 Buck Social. They are always super responsive and helpful! - 1/24/2020

Elzie F. Avatar
Elzie F.

Great service and great to work with! - 1/20/2020

David Z. Avatar
David Z.

Great addition to any marketing plan! Easy setup and forget! Love the ease of working with them! - 1/19/2020

Al M. Avatar
Al M.

This is a great company to work with for keeping your social media up-to-date. You do not have to handhold them. They just get the job done! - 1/18/2020

Jeff S. Avatar
Jeff S.

Very Very Pleased with this Team. On point with their post. We gave them what they asked for and it's been auto pilot since then. Relevant posts is the key point here. Improve traffic and response to page, which is what we were looking for. Thank you
from the Safety Track Team
- 1/17/2020

Ty G. Avatar
Ty G.

Very professional and easy to work with! - 1/16/2020

Aaron F. Avatar
Aaron F.

They have really helped my social media presence and do a great job of coming up with interactive and attractive posts - 1/15/2020

Steven W. Avatar
Steven W.

Great team of professionals who are easy to work with! - 1/15/2020

Val R. Avatar
Val R.

Been working with 98Buck for a few months now, and glad we are. Very helpful, specifically monitoring our online reviews. Thanks! - 1/15/2020

Sachal P. Avatar
Sachal P.

Not only are they very affordable, but they are consistent and always creative with their posts. - 1/15/2020

Jackie M. Avatar
Jackie M.

fantastic I never worry abut if or what they are posting . listen well and just do it . thank you - 1/14/2020

Ikbir S. Avatar
Ikbir S.

Great Marketing Service! - 1/14/2020

Parag B. Avatar
Parag B.

Great service with runs silently in the background. Love the price and the hassle free onboarding. - 1/14/2020

Cara M. Avatar
Cara M.

Thank you for your social media help! - 1/14/2020

Irfan H. Avatar
Irfan H.

Their service is great and very reasonably priced! - 1/14/2020

Robin H. Avatar
Robin H.

These guys do social media up right! (Way better than I did myself, plus I don't have to worry about it. I know it will be done.) - 1/14/2020

Wayne V. Avatar
Wayne V.

Easy set up, consistent quality messages, easy to work with, great price for the product. Very professional. - 1/14/2020

Dylan D. Avatar
Dylan D.

Phenomenal customer service and overall delivery! - 1/10/2020

Tony G. Avatar
Tony G.

You can really trust that 98 Bucks Social will take care of your social media needs for your business freeing you up so you have more time to work with your clients.Very reasonable monthly rates as well! Brittany one of the social media managers at 98 Bucks is so creative and positive!! Highly recommend their service.

Onsite Chair Massage NJ
- 1/10/2020

Ryan H. Avatar
Ryan H.

Great Social Media Marketing Group!! Great Communication, Friendly, and Prompt. Support Group is top notch and the content is better than expected. - 1/10/2020

Matt D. Avatar
Matt D.

The agents were all super competent and friendly. It was great to have consistent post going out regularly for a very reasonable rate. - 1/08/2020

Michelle L. Avatar
Michelle L.

promotional and very timely posts about me, my career, my profession and the game I love - 12/18/2019

Dominique B. Avatar
Dominique B.

Great niche specific content for my business page! Thank you ☺️ - 12/09/2019

Amit D. Avatar
Amit D.

Thank you for Great Work. - 10/16/2019

DrApril B. Avatar
DrApril B.

This company has done a wonderful job taking care of my social media needs. They are affordable and a great resource for small companies. - 4/26/2019

Debbie G. Avatar
Debbie G.

This company provides a great service for anyone who doesn't have the time to manage all of your social media platforms yourself. And you can't beat the price! Great team to work with, very easy solution! - 4/24/2019

Lori M. Avatar
Lori M.

98 Buck Social was recommended to me by a local friend who had met with one of the owners in person. Seeing as they were in my area, I did as well. Clint spent quite a bit of time with me, talking about our business and our goals for the future. The staff guided me through the onboarding process , they create thoughtful, insightful posts, and are always welcome to ideas for posts. Our Instagram following has grown over 3 months to over 1400 followers with an average of 250 posts likes per post. Highly recommend them! - 4/24/2019

Rachel W. Avatar
Rachel W.

I highly recommend 98 Buck Social. They have been very open to my needs and instructions, and they are very consistent. I am relieved to have them covering all of my social media bases. - 4/23/2019

Lee R. Avatar
Lee R.

They are awesome they are giving me exactly what I need a boost - 4/22/2019

Diane H. Avatar
Diane H.

Great company and very helpful - 4/22/2019

Misty D. Avatar
Misty D.

We have recently started working with 98 Buck Social and are already impressed with the streamlined process and personalized relationship they provide! We are getting positive feedback and interaction from followers and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! - 4/22/2019

Chuck M. Avatar
Chuck M.

What an AWESOME social media service! 98 Buck Social consistently delivers content that is timely and relevant to my audience. I’m certainly glad I have a dependable partner that understands my vision and business. - 4/22/2019

Amber W. Avatar
Amber W.

This has been an AMAZING experience! My viewership has quadrupled and I'm getting wonderful feedback and growing my email list. The best part is that "I'm" consistently posting valuable content which is important for business growth. #BestInvestmentEver! - 4/20/2019

Dave S. Avatar
Dave S.

98 Buck Social provides fantastic postings to my social media to keep followers engaged, which is exactly what I don't have time to do myself. Well worth the price. - 4/19/2019

Jane V. Avatar
Jane V.

These guys consistently do an amazing job of posting on my social media sites – they have been flawless from day one I highly recommend them! - 4/19/2019

Tim R. Avatar
Tim R.

Great value for the money!

I’ve had their social media posting service for just a couple of months and it’s already made a big difference in my reach and the number of interactions with my page.

They are super responsive whenever I ask for or offer feedback and make adjustments quickly.

I would definitely recommend 98 Bucks Social to any small business or entrepreneur who needs help with their social media marketing.
- 4/19/2019

Vittorio A. Avatar
Vittorio A.

We at Empower ME Academy believe that Buck Social has a consistent and reliable service. Their team produces high-quality work and it can be seen that they have experience in what they do. Great job & keep it up! We highly recommend Buck Social to all types of businesses. - 4/19/2019

Aaron S. Avatar
Aaron S.

Great to work with!! Took another task off my plate so I could focus on other things. - 4/18/2019

Marsha B. Avatar
Marsha B.

They are a great company. Excellent customer service and people to work with...they really care about their clients and I highly recommend them. They have great content writers who are very creative and consistent. 5 Stars for sure. - 4/18/2019

Jeff A. Avatar
Jeff A.

So far I'm super happy with 98 Buck Social! They've done a great job matching our brand at Chromatic Content and taking on our social media. This has allowed me to put my attention back where I need to on business development and growing the company. - 4/18/2019

Sean H. Avatar
Sean H.

As a small to medium business owner, it has given us the needed bandwidth to focus on other core competencies. The posts arrive daily and we have been able to shape the content accordingly. - 4/18/2019

Kathy R. Avatar
Kathy R.

98 Buck Social has been a godsend for our company. They have been handling our social media posts with professionalism, creating timely content for a very reasonable price. This has allowed us to run our business without worrying about social media. I highly recommend. - 4/18/2019

Raymond F. Avatar
Raymond F.

Exactly what I needed. While it's not a complete social media solution, it's more of a foundation that will allow me to better expand my brand with confidence. Good mix of content. Quick and helpful replies from staff. - 4/17/2019

Michelle B. Avatar
Michelle B.

Great service! They have an awesome, professional staff that delivers specialized skills for your unique business. In just days my business started to receive results. - 4/17/2019

Steven L. Avatar
Steven L.

Extremely well written and timely posts, incredible monthly rate and top notch customer service - an amazing combination. I was recommended 98BuckSocial by a colleague and I couldn't be happier! I have since recommended it to others - what a find! - 4/17/2019

Ron T. Avatar
Ron T.

I've had a great experience with 98 Buck social, since my first contact with Jade, and she has been posting worthwhile pieces for me online, keeping us consistently in front of our customers and on their minds. Great teamwork and follow through, Thanks Jade and 98 Buck Social! - 4/17/2019

Farris B. Avatar
Farris B.

Nice people and company to work with that are very reasonably priced and very creative. - 4/16/2019

Eleni P. Avatar
Eleni P.

As a business owner with limited time on my hands for social media posts, 98 Buck Social, came through full force. Their professionalism and attentiveness, allows me to focus more on my clients!

Anything I need I reach out to Dyani (who is amazing by the way) and gets the job handled asap. Happy customer and highly recommend.

Thank you for always delivering. Keep up the great work!

- 4/16/2019

Eric H. Avatar
Eric H.

Super easy to work with, my online image has never looked so good. I never got so many likes! - 4/16/2019

Yvette S. Avatar
Yvette S.

I was unsure about 98 Buck, my boss wanted me to call them and I said "for what, I can handle it" boy was I wrong. The staff is very professional and have great posts. If I am unsure about one, or more. they redo and give me options. I would recommend 98 Buck for ANYONE using social media. Thank for the Great posts.... City Maintenance Supply - 4/16/2019

Jennifer H. Avatar
Jennifer H.

Great white label service for agencies - especially when you have more work than your own staff can manage. Having a team like 98 Buck Social be able to jump in and help manage your social media accounts is priceless! - 4/16/2019

Jo T. Avatar
Jo T.

98 Buck Social has helped me grow my social media following tremendously, and kept my social media going so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. They are reliable, easy to work with, friendly, and responsive. - 4/16/2019

Aviva H. Avatar
Aviva H.

Affordable and high quality, a rare combination! - 4/16/2019

Alex V. Avatar
Alex V.

Amazing company, but there are still times I find myself in disbelief when I step back and compare the tremendous value added service we receive in exchange for the relatively small monthly fee we pay. Month after month and day after day 98 Buck deliverers by posting quality insightful content that captures the essence of our brand and our corporate mission. Bravo! - Alex Veselits - Director of Marketing | Kelly Right Real Estate and K Loans Mortgage Company - 4/16/2019

Gregory F. Avatar
Gregory F.

It's an amazing service for an affordable cost! Great posts, reliable and the staff is very professional. - 4/16/2019

Terri T. Avatar
Terri T.

We just started a couple of weeks ago with 98 Buck Social. So far we are happy with the content. They are very responsive on messages. 🙂 I would recommend. - 4/16/2019

Tara B. Avatar
Tara B.

98 Buck Social helped our business grow its presence on Instagram and Facebook by providing relevant and timely content that got us noticed and increased our number of followers! They were able to understand our business and how we wanted to relate to our customers and potential customers. I highly recommend 98 Buck Social to businesses that need to build their social media presence and participation! - 4/16/2019

Liz C. Avatar
Liz C.

An outstanding value - REALLY JUST $98 BUCKS a month will get you started. - 4/15/2019

Russell C. Avatar
Russell C.

They’ve done a great job and setup was hassle free. Keep up the good work guys! 👍 - 4/15/2019

Lisa P. Avatar
Lisa P.

As the co-founder of, I simply cannot say enough good things about 98BuckSocial's stellar talent and professionalism. They have done wonders for our social media marketing, consistently posting engaging, on-brand content. We are very happy customers! Thank you, 98BuckSocial! - 4/15/2019

Edith C. Avatar
Edith C.

98 Buck Social has been posting on social media for my company, Coyote Creek Productions, during the past several months. Their posts have been creative, interesting, and fun to read, to such an extent that we have seen a noticeable increase in interest for our educational and instructional videos. We couldn't do without them! - 4/15/2019

Srishti P. Avatar
Srishti P.

Great experience! Professional staff that delivers timely each week - 4/15/2019

Crystal A. Avatar
Crystal A.

I recommend this company because when I tried other companies non of them put in as much work for my small business like 98 Social. All the rest posted 2 days a week while 98 Social post frequent relevant post. If I need to get in contact with they answer fast. Try them you won't regret. - 3/22/2019

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Ghodrat H.

Hi my name is Ghodrat . I worked as self in my country and USA . My job in clouded . Home Remodling , kitchen , bathroom , flooring , pipe , trim , backboard, door , window , painting , textures ,install drywall , working water , fire , deck , fence , siding , tile , install vinyl floor , Laminate, install vanity , cabinet. I have page on the facebook . Please looking that . My company nam is jay Gneral contractor . Thanks - 2/13/2019

Emily M. Avatar
Emily M.

Amazing place to work, full of genuine, smart, talented and trustworthy people. Clients get incredible value with any of their services and can rest assured that they are getting custom, quality content 6 days a week- great deal! - 1/23/2019

Tykechia M. Avatar
Tykechia M.

They will be helping me scale my business to the next level - 1/04/2019

Israel T. Avatar
Israel T.

Highly Recommend, they are super great, the posts on the topic and often people tell me how much they liked "my" postings (sorry, but I'm taking all the credit 😀) - 11/15/2018

MindBloom P. Avatar
MindBloom P.

I must admit I thought it was too good to be true, but over the past few months I have come to be a believer. 98 Buck Social frees up SO MUCH time for me because they find really creative and interesting content for my sites that would benefit my customers. I like the fact that they listened to what I said about my niche little business and found relevant content for me to use. It is so important to be able to use the services of a company that will actually listen. I really like the relationship I have with 98 Buck Social and I look forward to a continued relationship. - 10/17/2018

Karen O. Avatar
Karen O.

98 Buck Social is fantastic. They do the marketing work that I struggled with for years and do a GREAT job at it! I no longer have to think about this important aspect of running a business and can rest assured it is being done well. - 10/13/2018

Julie N. Avatar
Julie N.

Our social media presence is super important here at Todd Nichols Photography and @toddnicholsphoto on instagram and 98 Buck Social was a great choice to run our social media posting for us. Now we can focus on working on our business instead of in it. They have done a great job. They were super easy to work with, unlike some other social media marketing companies we've worked with in the past. We highly recommend their services, the content they create is well researched and engaging to our target audience. - 10/12/2018

Patrick S. Avatar
Patrick S.

I would highly recommend 98 Buck for social media postings! We have used them for a few years for various companies and they always go above and beyond in both quality of postings and customer service! They are a fantastic company and I will continue to use them as a trusted parter! - 10/12/2018

Rebekah S. Avatar
Rebekah S.

I've been using 98 buck social as an agency owner to generate ideas for clients. We find it's often great to have fresh eyes for clients, so they come up with fresh ideas for us and it's been really helpful! Thanks guys! - 10/12/2018

ImSo B. Avatar
ImSo B.

I love the picture posts they write - 10/12/2018

Kim W. Avatar
Kim W.

I don't know how I stumbled across 98 Buck Social, but I'm so glad I did. I feel as if I have an entire social media staff for a nominal monthly fee. It's so great to go into one of my social media accounts and find posting activity I didn't have to create. Also, the Instagram growth module is a lifesaver! - 10/10/2018

James L. Avatar
James L.

We just started with them and have to say how impressed we are so far. It was easy to sign up, they walk you through the whole process, VERY EASY! Our account rep is great and so personable, friendly and great to work with. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking to have their social media handled by professionals. GREAT JOB! - 10/10/2018

Duane S. Avatar
Duane S.

98 Buck Social has been very professional and communicative.They set up all of our social media accounts and our blogs. We have been impressed with their helpful attitudes and their services overall. - 10/10/2018

Scott P. Avatar
Scott P.

I have had nothing but great things to say about the team at 98 Buck Social. They have been helping The Pony Group and I can't recommend them enough. It is nice to be able to step aside and not have to worry about anything and let them work their magic. - 10/08/2018

Kimberly A. Avatar
Kimberly A.

Definitely recommend this company! Sarah and Katie are the best! They are patient, always professional, and always deliver! They continuously aim to learn you, your style, what you like and don’t that they can produce material that is reflective of YOU, your business, and what you would like to portray. I appreciate the extra effort that they always put in to ensure my satisfaction. Money well spent. Highly recommend! - 10/07/2018

James D. Avatar
James D.

Great experience with 98 Social. They are a posting machine for business whose posts are on the money. If you own a business hire them. - 10/06/2018

Christie B. Avatar
Christie B.

I have been using 98 Buck Social for a little over a year. Original and relevant content, timely and reliable posting. Highly recommend. - 10/05/2018

Kimberly C. Avatar
Kimberly C.

Excellent Company! Their postings are right on for our business (Whitten Homes), they are very quick to answer any questions or concerns and have great communication! All around great experience with 98 Buck! - 10/05/2018

Kimberly C. Avatar
Kimberly C.

98 buck social has helped us market our small business through social media. They took the time to understand my business and put the appropriate posts to reach more people. Thank you again 98 buck social!! - 10/05/2018

Art W. Avatar
Art W.

They make promises and they deliver on every promise made! I highly recommend this company! Very professional and thorough at what they do. Doesn't matter what kind of business you have-- they come up with the best ideas for your brand's social media platform!
So-So Artsy Paint Studios Northfield Village
- 10/05/2018

Louise A. Avatar
Louise A.

Love it � week one right now . Very excited to be able to sit back watch the posting � - 10/04/2018

Lawrence G. Avatar
Lawrence G.

98 Buck Social is really great to work with. The service is top notch and everyone on the staff is very professional and extremely responsive. - 10/04/2018

Ralph R. Avatar
Ralph R.

Best thing on the planet! I have no idea how they do what they do but it works. I guess that’s what makes them the experts. As simple as social media management seems to be, there is a lot more that goes into it and these guys have every angle covered. Thank you! - 10/04/2018

Cary O. Avatar
Cary O.

Excellent company, great all around experience. - 10/04/2018

Joni V. Avatar
Joni V.

I had a great experience with 98 Buck Social on Facebook & Twitter. They had great postings that were very appropriate for my business. Also, whenever I had questions, they were very responsive either by email or phone.

This is certainly a company I would highly recommend!
- 10/01/2018

Fluffy C. Avatar
Fluffy C.

As we started a new marketing effort, to include newly created social media pages for @KelsoIndustrialGroup, we discovered 98 Buck Social and decided to let them handle our social media postings for us so we could concentrate on other things. We made a great choice! They have done a wonderful job. A quick review with them of the work we do and our marketing efforts in other mediums and they jumped right in to provide the perfect complement. We highly recommend their services, the content they create is meaningful to the business and engaging for followers. - 6/04/2018