Building organic reach on Facebook has become more and more difficult and it can be hard for your followers to see your content. Facebook Groups may be the answer! Here are some reasons you should create a Facebook Group for your business:

Direct connection to your customers. The people who join your facebook group will be your biggest supporters. This is a perfect opportunity to interact with them and connect them to your other supporters. If your business has the potential for a cult following, they will enjoy meeting other like-minded people.

Increases organic reach. The Facebook algorithm favors groups that are interacting and engaging with each other. Don’t just create a group, add some people, and never show up again. Your social media posting will be more highly ranked in the feed than before if you are participating within the group!

Learn from your customers. When something goes wrong with your product or service, you want to know about it! Your customers are the best group to provide honest feedback. Are you launching something new and want to test it out before? Offer it to your Facebook group!

Groups are very targeted. Because you are basically creating the audience in your groups, they are very targeted and contain your ideal customer. This can be an amazing opportunity for promotions but make sure you aren’t pitching to them all the time. When you do, your posts and products will likely apply to them and they are more likely to purchase from you.

Builds brand loyalty. Inviting your best customers into a group and interacting with them regularly shows them you care! You will create more die-hard fans and they will support you over and over!

Juggling all of the things you need to do to increase engagement can be intimidating, but 98 Buck’s affordable social media plans help take some things off your plate! We can handle your regular posts and cheap Facebook ads, while you run your groups!