Some of the most viral content on social media are memes! We have talked about incorporating memes into your social media often but is it actually worth it to post memes to your business account?

What are “Memes”?

If you have spent any time on social media you have probably seen a meme. A meme is an image often taken from pop culture with text around the image. These are like inside jokes that many people are in on. Often there are lines taken from movies and TV shows mixed into memes.

There are entire Instagram accounts created around sharing memes, some original and others re-posted. It is a popular trend that is loved by many users.

How to incorporate them into your posts

Know your audience’s humor. Each industry’s audience will have a different sense of humor and there are memes for pretty much every industry. A simple Google search for “construction memes” or “hair salon memes” will bring up hundreds of thousands of funny images. When planning to post memes, try to take your audience’s sense of humor into account to get the best results.

Get creative and make your own. You can repost memes, but sometimes it is valuable to create your own! You get to put your own personal spin on a trending meme and when it is shared, your name is shown to more people. There are some simple editing platforms like Canva that make it easy to add text to images.

React to current events. Memes are a great way to react to current events and TV show releases. The Netflix show Squid Game was a very recent example of a timely trend in memes. Don’t wait to share memes that touch on current events or the momentum will be lost and the meme won’t make as much sense anymore and the hashtags won’t be used as often.

Take risks. Sharing memes to your accounts isn’t the most “professional” but it makes your brand seem more casual and personable. This is a perfect opportunity to take risks in your social media posting. Don’t share something to purposefully offend people, but try new jokes, it is often rewarded with higher engagement rates.

Don’t post something if you don’t fully understand the joke. Since your social media accounts are a reflection of you and your business, only share memes when you fully understand the joke. From the image used to the text and implications of the joke, knowing what you share is very important.

While we are big fans of memes, they may not be right for your business and only you can answer this. Think hard about what sorts of posts you want to represent your business and brand voice. 98 Buck’s cheap social media plans can include memes if you would like to try this fun type of content for yourself!