Influencer marketing is utilizing the reach an individual social media influencer has on their following. The industries that have the best return on investment are those that are direct-to-consumer businesses. The influencer is using their social media posting to influence the purchasing decisions of a user.

Levels of social media influencers

Nano-Influencers – less than 10,000 followers

Micro-Influencers – 10,000 to 100,000 followers

Macro-Influencers – 100,000 to 1 million followers

Mega-Influencers – over 1 million follwers

Who you decide to work with will depend on your budget. Larger influencers will have a higher rate. Figure out your marketing budget and decide what you are able to afford. 98 Buck’s cheap social media services can help you save money so you can direct more towards influencer marketing!

How to find the best influencers for your business

Be clear about your brand values. The influencers you work with should share your brand values, so make sure you are very clear about what they are. Do you prefer to work with people who share your environmental values or who care about organic products?

Know what kind of campaign you want to run. This will affect your budget and who you will work with. Do you want to create a one time promotion for a product launch or would you like an ongoing relationship with that influencer?

Research, research, research. If you are a makeup brand, you don’t want to work with an influencer in the classic car industry. Research the top influencers in your industry through hashtags or even Google. Make sure their followers are authentic through the comments and interactions on their posts, you will be able to tell if the comments are spammy. Accounts with fake followers are a waste of your money. 

Directly contact them or post a job listing. Once you have created a list of influencers you can contact them privately. They often have a contact button on their profile that will provide you with their email. If you want to cast a broader net there are websites you can post listings to that are just for social media influencers.