TikTok is on track to reach 1 billion users this year, closing in on Instagram’s user count! What does this mean for small businesses? It means TikTok is a huge platform you could be marketing on! These are a few reasons you should start promoting your small business on TikTok:

It’s the number one downloaded app. TikTok has rapidly grown to one of the most popular apps and is catching up quickly to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For months it has been at the top of the download charts! 98 Buck Social’s affordable social media services handle the other top platforms, so you can focus on marketing on TikTok.

TikTok provides you with access to untapped customers. Many of TikTok’s users don’t spend as much time on other social media platforms so by marketing here, your brand will be discovered by an entirely new group of people!

You can run targeted ads to get the most eyes. Like any other social media platform you can create ads to increase how many ideal customers find your business! They have made it easy to find your target audience and push for clicks or conversions!

It is fun to participate in the challenges and trends. If you feel like your social media posting has become formulaic, TikTok challenges you to be creative! Watching the trends will inspire you to create content that wouldn’t be successful on other platforms. You can experiment on TikTok and reuse successful content in Instagram Reels or Youtube Shorts.

TikTok builds your community. The ability to react to user-generated content and create videos from comments within TikTok shows your audience you care. You are listening to them and collaborating with them!

Because it is such a new app, it can seem daunting to experiment and “waste” time on it when your time is precious. However the growth businesses see on the app makes the time spent finding the best content worth it!