Gaining traction on your social media accounts can be challenging. This fact is true whether you are an inexperienced, new business or an established one. The challenge comes in getting your content seen, as it doesn’t matter how great it is; if it isn’t noticed- it doesn’t matter.

Many people are using the same channels to attract new customers, which makes it a highly competitive playing field. If you think outside the box and begin targeting people through a different channel, you might get the boost you need to launch your business towards success. These are some tips to use for you to create a better social media presence.

Outline Your Target Audience

Not everyone out there is considered a targeted audience for your brand or services. A lot of time, energy, and money are wasted by brands that put their content out not targeted to the right audience. You want to spend some time looking for potential customers, or personas, and what brands they are attracted to on social media. This analysis is going to help you understand how and where your social media presence is going to rank higher than your competitors.

Build Relationships Don’t Just Seek Followers

The great thing about social media is how you can form relationships with your followers from almost anywhere. If you’re not sure how to build relationships, start here:

When you are asked a question, be sure to give an answer
If you see someone has mentioned you or shared your content, reply back to them in acknowledgment of their action or words
Don’t just use the ‘like’ in reply to people’s content. You want to reply with a comment that can start a conversation
You will find it is much more valuable to have one hundred followers who regularly engage with you than ten thousand who basically ignore your brand.

Use Automation the Right Way

Automation is the rage in marketing strategies now. You cannot, however, put your social media presence on auto and walk away from it. You can no longer auto-reply, as this is seen as being insincere. You want your customer care piece of social media to be personalized. Automation is fine when used for scheduling or curating content, but when you are dealing directly with customers or your follower’s question, it just doesn’t work.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is not technical. With the use of this tool, you can optimize your profiles with imagery, use keywords, and fully fill out your account information. One example would be using your Instagram bio to connect with your promotions. You could also advertise with your hashtag to let your voice be heard.

If you have a fully optimized page on Facebook with your complete business info, you can help your page rank better with Google. This concept also works well if you have a Twitter profile, as, with the right mentions along with HD imagery, you can signal your authority to attract more followers. Some ways you can optimize your social media accounts include:

Place relevant keywords in your profile, do not stuff them
Share your content that is related to your industry including hashtags and keywords in your posts
Connect with other popular accounts in your industry to receive additional exposure. You should not be afraid to follow others.
There is no turnkey solution or real secret to gaining a better social media presence. There are small strategies, such as those listed above, to help you create social accounts that will be prime for engagements.

Social media is the perfect platform to generate leads and increase your sales and success.

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