Social media for business should be used like any other tool you use in your business. You can’t expect your affordable social media plan to be successful if you don’t determine a metric as your yardstick. Your social media goals should be trackable and specific to your overall business goal. We have created a list of some of the most common social media goals to help you get started.

Increase Traffic to Website. A great goal is to push your social media followers to your website. This increases visibility and is an easy metric to track through your website’s analytics or Google Analytics. If you write blog posts, you can entice users to read them through your social media posting. You can often see what platforms your website visitors are coming from.

Expanded brand awareness. Social media is a perfect place to increase brand awareness. Your followers want to know more about you and your business and you can provide behind-the-scenes content. To track brand awareness you can use your follower count or reach.

More revenue. Social media platforms are building in ad tools and shopping options to increase sources of revenue. Within Instagram, you can add a storefront, and cheap Facebook ads make it super simple to directly drive sales.

New leads. By building your reach there are more opportunities for finding leads on social media. Your posts can warm potential customers to your business and supply you with contacts. Keep track of who engages with your posts and encourage participation in your posts. At 98 Buck Social, we strive to make content that is engaging, so you can sort through the comments and find new leads.

Build a community of fans. Creating a community of die-hard fans is a worthwhile social media goal. This builds trust in your name and leads to your business getting shared more widely through word-of-mouth recommendations. This can be tracked through your engagement or you can create a hashtag and monitor the posts that use it. A place to listen to customers. Social media tends to be the first place people go to either rave or complain about a business. If you are present on various social media platforms, you can collect your positive reviews and fix issues customers have had with your products and services.