Social media has become a marketing wonderland. Professional pictures and personalized content are perfectly blended to create a social hub where businesses and their customers can interact freely and openly. Companies rely on their friends and customers to “spread the word” through shares, likes, and reviews, creating a network of effective communication that costs relatively little in the long run.

As a busy entrepreneur, you may find yourself a little short on time, and unable to keep up with the demand of fast-paces social media marketing. This is where we come in to save the day! These heroes don’t wear capes: We use creativity and social-savvy to get the job done, consistently and professionally, 6 days a week! When you start working with us as your Social Media Managers, there are a few things you can do to make it all come together for the best results possible. Without further adieu, here’s what you should know going in:


Know Your Target Audience

You have to know your target audience. Other types of advertising media reach millions, but may only attract one out of ten viewers. Social media works in reverse. Once you know your target audience and draw them in, they will bring along others who think and believe as they do which results in more of a two for one situation. Knowing your audience allows you to create content and photos that will keep them interested in your page and what you are presenting. Not sure how to find them? Check out our handy blog that we created just for that purpose.


How Do You Want To Present Yourself?

Know the image you want to present. How do you want people to see you? In some cases, a social media page that is too professional may cause people to lose interest. It’s “social” media, after all! Add a personalized touch here and there that catches their attention and makes people want to strike up a conversation with you. Keep them talking and provide them with an experience they want to share with their friends. #Relatable


What Are Your Digital Assets?

Your website is your biggest digital asset. Make sure your social media pages link to it seamlessly. If you don’t have a working website, or you need updates, we can help you with that too. Learn more here. Other digital assets include your photographs and content. Content should be well-written, interesting, and above all, thought-provoking. Each of your photographs should tell a story. Use black and whites occasionally. Play around with stickers, gifs and typography. Throw in a video or two. Have a little fun!


Add A Personal Touch

Add a personal touch to your business page by adding photos and video clips that you take yourself. Professional pictures are great for your website, but social media is meant to be “social”. If you are trying to get your social media posts to stand out, then your social media presence should stand out as well. The cameras in your smartphone and tablet are extremely sophisticated and you can use an editing app to turn a simple picture into a social media masterpiece. And if you’re outsourcing your content creation to us, this is what you want to send to your account manager! You can share photos with us via Google Drive, Dropbox or email and we will caption and send them out to the world for you.



Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. Be social! Be interesting and share your company with the world. The right social media posts will open up new doors to new clients in a short period of time. Social media is the new revolution when it comes to digital advertising and marketing, so stop delaying, and get started today!