In the age of social media, your business’s reputation online can be your biggest blessing, or your biggest downfall. Did you know 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business? Building up good reviews on Google and Facebook for your business is a wonderful way to get inspiring content for your social pages, and attract potential customers at the same time! Check out these tips for turning a good review into content for your business’s social:

  • Turn them into case studies. Hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Facebook never hurt anybody, but allowing potential leads to see real results are more likely to get you the sale. Find a great customer or client review, and build a case study! Showing that your business has helped a real person get real results does wonders for your credibility. It gives potential leads tangible proof that your service is worth buying.
  • Throw in a call to action. Good reviews can speak for themselves, but you can make them even more desirable by adding a call to action (CTA) to your post! Try incorporating the testimonial into your post and adding a line at the end of the post provoking people to visit your website or use your services. These sorts of posts are short and to the point, which grab readers’ attention and intrigue them.
  • Post the testimonials in quote form. Everybody loves a good inspirational quote! They often get some of the best engagement on social media. A relatable quote can catch anyone’s attention, no matter how fast they’re scrolling through their feed. Writing customer testimonials in quote format makes them eye-catching and easy to read. Adding a photo of a person builds even more credibility because it puts a face to the review!

Are you using your customer testimonials to your advantage? There are lots of ways to incorporate reviews into your social media content! If you’re lacking in the positive review department, or if you’re a new business without much of a following, simply asking happy customers to write you a review on Facebook or Google is a great way to build your client testimonials! If you are looking to build your business’s presence on social media, 98 Buck Social can help!