What you share around holidays should be strategic and Thanksgiving is no exception! Your customers and clients are probably excited about this day so your content can tap into that and increase your engagement!

Advertise your fall deals and sales.

This is the start of the shopping season for Christmas. Your social media posting should always highlight your sales if you are hosting any. There are many sales you can make from Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Feel free to do one or have a sale through the entire weekend!

Thank your customers.

This is the holiday to give thanks, so use this as an opportunity to say thank you to your supporters! Make a special post just to thank your audience. They will love to hear your appreciation and it will help your brand get more passionate fans.

Share recipes.

Outside of giving thanks, Thanksgiving is about food. If your industry is related to food or drink, share special recipes for your followers to try. There are many ways you can share these ideas from in-feed videos, blog posts, infographics, carousels, and even Reels or TikToks!

Create a prompt for your followers to engage with.

Ask your audience questions like “What are you thankful for?” or “What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?” Direct questions are the best way to get engagement on those posts.

Do a giveaway.

If your goal is higher engagement on holiday posts, take the opportunity to host a giveaway. These posts get the most likes and comments, and usually your following grows as well.

Celebrate the day.

On the actual holiday don’t forget to post to celebrate Thanksgiving with your followers. All of the above ideas can be used for your Thanksgiving post! At 98 Buck Social, we always do our best to post on holidays! Ask us about our affordable social media plans!