Have you noticed the “Boost Post” button under your posts on Facebook, but not understood what it does? A Boosted Post is simpler than creating a traditional ad on Facebook; it can be created from a post you have already made and doesn’t go through the Ad Manager. But because of this, it doesn’t have the same customization features a Facebook ad does. Boosted Posts are still considered ads, and will show up as one in your audience’s feed.

When you Boost a post, you will have to choose:
– Who you want to reach
– Your maximum budget
– How long you would like to run your ad

Boosted posts have certain benefits to your business. Organic traffic is really hard to generate on Facebook and Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads help! A Boosted Post guaranteed visibility and increases engagement. Since your post is being shown in your audience’s newsfeed, your business is more likely to be seen. Your content will also be shared with people who aren’t following your page. This will be targeted instead of random because you can choose based on gender, age, location, and interests.

The benefits you’ll see from Boosted Posts are so great, you won’t need to Boost every post. You should be particular about which posts you choose though. You should only promote content that your target audience will genuinely like and want to engage with. This tends to be content that is: helpful, linked, and evergreen. Make sure the post directs people someplace, like to your email list or a monetized website. Always include a call to action to entice viewers and direct them to what you’d like them to do.

Publishing content is free on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean anyone will see it. By utilizing Boosted Posts you are more likely to increase your business’ engagement and see a return on investment!