There are many different kinds of paid advertisements on social media. One of which is Boosted Posts! This feature on Instagram and Facebook is an affordable social media tool you can utilize to increase engagement and get more visibility on a post. Here are more benefits to Boosted Posts: 

Benefits of Boosted Posts

Increase brand awareness. Boosted Posts are a fast way to increase the reach of your post and as a result, increase your brand awareness.

More engagement. Paid posts go hand in hand with organic posts. How? When your Boosted Post is shared with more people, there are more opportunities for new people to engage with it. The algorithm takes note of your content’s performance and after your promotion is done, your future posts can become more visible to your existing followers. 

Drive traffic. Boosted posts provide an opportunity to direct people exactly where you want them to go. This is best when you have a new launch or want to build your email list. Use an effective call to action in your Boosted Posts.

Reach the target audience. If you have noticed you aren’t reaching your ideal audience, a Boosted Post can help! Ads offer targeted audience choices so you can narrow down who would resonate with your social media posting. 

Types of Boosted Posts

Posts that are already doing well. The beauty of a boosted post is that you can use a post that has been performing well with your followers and reach new people. Traditional cheap Facebook ads are specially created posts. If you don’t know what performs well, your ad could flop and you may waste your money. 

Descriptive call to action. Don’t boost posts that are just for fun or too casual. You are spending money to achieve a goal. The best paid posts have a descriptive CTA that directs your new audience exactly where you need them to go.

Posts that are similar to past posts that performed well. If you are planning on boosting a post before it is shared, think about the posts that have performed well in the past. Model your ad to look and sound similar to those posts. 

Carousel posts. Carousel posts or posts that have multiple images work great as Boosted Posts. You can share a lot of information in a visual format which is how many people prefer to take in new information.