Happy New Year! With a new year comes new opportunities, and the excitement of looking forward to and planning for success in the coming year. You probably have big ambitions for 2019, but how exactly are you going to make those dreams come true? What can you do to ensure you’re maximizing your profits? One question a lot of people tussle with when planning for their business is whether to use a marketing agency or take marketing in-house. Hiring an agency to develop the plan and campaigns can help your organization get to where you want to be, all costs, time and expertise considered.


The first consideration to make when deciding whether or not to outsource your marketing is the cost difference. The financial costs incurred with hiring an in-house marketing team can be steep. Salaried employees are making at least between $30,000 – $50,000 annually, plus benefits and other resources required just to acquire and maintain an in-house marketing strategy. An outside marketing agency is an excellent and cheaper option for businesses, while providing additional resources and benefits that in-house marketing may not provide. For instance, our Level 4 service is only $398 per month, which is less than $5,000 for the whole year!


An outside marketing agency can provide tremendous value to your business. An outside perspective offers a fresh and different set of eyes to analyze your business and marketing strategy. If you are working with the right agency, they should be well versed in various industries, allowing your marketing strategy to branch out of the occasional group think we encounter running in the same circles. Our diverse and experienced staff has a myriad of interests and experience to pull from, allowing us to pair the best marketer with your industry and goals. Whether it’s law, insurance, marketing, makeup or dentistry, we have the knowledge needed to meet and surpass your marketing dreams.  Also, a good marketing agency is on top of the current trends and technologies. The experience and expertise an agency can provide will prove to be invaluable to your business.


Another positive when hiring an outside marketing agency is the trust and reassurance you can have knowing you are partnering with people who know what they’re doing. Anyone can say they are a marketing expert, but are they really vetted? With a vetted agency like ours, you can research and review their prior work, as well as see what people who have already worked with them say about them. We love hearing from our satisfied customers. “98 Buck has helped provide quality content for our clients. I’ve tried other companies, only to be disappointed. Can’t beat 98 Buck!” Check out the review page here.


If you do choose to hire an outside marketing agency, consider a few things to help make the relationship a successful one. Open and efficient communication is vital to keeping any business’ marketing plan running smoothly. Make sure you are clear from the beginning what your expectations are for communicating directly, and also understand what the agencies procedures are for open communication. Also, be sure to provide as much information and assets (pictures, videos, events, etc.) to the agency, as the more personalized they can make your campaign and strategy the better. Lastly, it is important that both sides clearly state and manage what the expectations are goals are. If both sides are on the same page, success will be that much easier to attain.