With more consumers and social media users wanting a personal connection with brands they love, it makes sense that the next big thing is live stream shopping. Every social media platform has a live option and there are already some businesses and creators hosting live streams around a specific product. 

What is Live Stream Shopping?

Ecommerce has been forced to grow thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and there have been so many advancements made to make shopping at home simpler for consumers. Live stream shopping is very similar to the shopping networks on TV. Engagement is much higher with live streams though. Viewers can chat with the host and their questions get answered in real-time. 

Live stream shopping has become popular in China but is gaining popularity here in the United States as well. You can show how the item works or how to wear it. It provides a realistic view of your products as well as entertains your audience. 

Tips for Live Stream Shopping

Create a sense of urgency. Many businesses that notice more success do promotions or giveaways that are exclusive to the live stream. This creates a sense of urgency for the viewer and they are more likely to purchase if they fear they will miss out on a good deal.

Choose the right platform. To have a successful stream you need to have the most viewers you can get. Where do you have the largest audience? This is probably the best place for you to host a live stream where your followers can shop from you. 

Talk about the live stream before it happens. Unless you have a preexisting live stream schedule, you should promote your stream with your social media posting. If you have a live stream shopping event planned, be sure to tell 98 Buck Social so we can incorporate it into your posts.