When you start spending your time and money on affordable social media marketing, you want to know your efforts are worthwhile! Should you be marketing your business on Twitter? Keep reading for the good and the bad of this platform!


Find your target market and connect more personally. This platform is one of the most casual out there. Conversations happen quickly and people feel very connected to large brands. Your customers will start to identify your voice and enjoy connecting to you!

Quick feedback. Twitter is very fast and it is easier for your audience to write a 280 character tweet than fill out a form. When you need feedback on your products or services, you will get answers quickly.

Acts as a sales funnel. You can enhance your e-commerce and integrate your business easily to your account by taking orders, offering discounts and promoting events!

Boost SEO. Google indexes tweets which increases your SEO. Likes, shares, and comments all have an impact on how search engines view your company!

Networking. You can join Twitter chats and meet other businesses and industry authorities. This allows you to network or get advice from other business owners.


Character limit. Your tweets can only be so long, so you will need to learn how to keep your messaging short and sweet, all while trying to encourage engagement. For newcomers to the app, this can take some time to learn. When 98 Buck handles your social media posting, you know our experts have your account handled!

Fast moving. While many people love how fast Twitter moves, posts can get buried easily. You need to be diligent about staying on people’s minds so you may feel chained to your phone at times.

Bad tweets can spread quickly. Because it is so fast moving and bad news is more popular than good, you may have to do damage control with bad reviews. But thanks to the conversational nature of this app, the reviewers will often be satiated by a direct response from you, the business owner.

Some social media users don’t prefer it. This platform can be confusing for many people, so the audience is very specific. If you do decide to market your business on Twitter, we do not recommend this being your only social media platform.