The built-in Pinterest analytic tools help you narrow down what parts of your affordable social media strategy is working and what parts aren’t. As a visual search engine, Pinterest marketing can be very effective if done well! Here are some key Pinterest metrics.

Important Pinterest Metrics

Impressions. Impressions measure how many times your Pins were shown on a user’s screen. This can be on their home screen, on another user’s Board, or in search results. The same user can be counted more than once in Impressions. A high Pin impression rate is a great thing! This means your content was favored by the algorithm and is on trend. You can improve your future Pins by taking into account which pins have higher impressions. 

Total Audience. This metric counts the number of unique users who saw your Pins in a certain time period. Unlike Impressions, this can only be counted once. If your impressions are higher than your total audience, it means the same user saw your Pin many times. Your Pin could have been shared on many Boards. 

Pin Clicks. Pin clicks keep track of the number of clicks on your Pin. This used to be called Closeups and it includes clicks that lead away from Pinterest. Pin clicks tell you that your Pin looked interesting enough to be opened for the user to get a better look or read your description. 

Demographics. With this metric, you can track basic audience demographics like gender, language, device statistics, and information about interests. When you understand your audience you are able to create content that suits their preferences in your social media posting! 

Page Visits. Before you can track page visits you need to claim your site. Once you do you can see how many times people visited your website on Pinterest. If website conversions are your goal, this is a metric you should keep track of!