The elusive Facebook Ad. How do they work? What’s the best way to define your target audience? How much should you be spending? These are likely questions buzzing in the mind of the small business owner who has never run Facebook Ads before. Just breathe! Figuring out how Facebook Ads work is definitely an attainable goal. When you’re setting up your first ad, avoid making these three mistakes.


Don’t change the ad too frequently.

Ever heard the phrase “patience is a virtue”? It’s true. If you adjust your ad targeting and don’t see much of a change when you check it at the end of the day, don’t freak out. Ads take a little bit of time to reach people. If you’re adjusting the ad every single day, it won’t have time to reach much of an audience at all. We suggest giving it 48 hours before checking. A watched pot never boils!


Make sure you are changing it every so often.

We promise we aren’t contradicting mistake number one, here. While you shouldn’t be checking your ad every hour on the hour, it’s not a good practice to set it and forget it either. If you set up an ad to run continuously, and never check it to see how it’s doing, you’re just throwing money away. Set a stopping date for the ad, check in to see how it’s doing, and make adjustments from there. We typically suggest running smaller ads for a full week, and larger ads for a month! This gives enough time for the ad to properly reach an audience.


Don’t show your ad to the same audience every time.

It’s a good practice to continue to add to, remove, and expand your target audience for Facebook ads! If you continue to use the same audience for each ad, your engagement will likely be reduced over time. Once you see the numbers drop on your results, it’s time to switch up your audience!


Facebook advertising can be a powerful tool for small businesses when utilized correctly. We hope these tips will help guide you on your Facebook Ads journey! If you’re interested in running ads for your business, but don’t have the time to manage them yourself, 98 Buck Social offers affordable Facebook advertising services!