TikTok trends may be some of the shortest-lived trends compared to other platforms, which makes it really hard to predict what will be popular in 2022. To cover your bases there are general things that have remained popular on TikTok for a while now. When planning your social media posting, be sure to remain flexible so you can adapt to what is trending at the time.

Dances. From its creation, TikTok has been about dancing and music, but what dances are trending changes often. The dances are usually very short and simple and you can make it your own (while marketing your business) by adding text on the videos or adding captions.

Before and after. “Glow Ups” have become very popular on this platform. Usually, individuals show their awkward teenage years, but you can change this by showing the growth you experienced as a business through getting larger workspaces or adding employees.

Creative transitions. TikTok’s in-app editing makes it easy and fun to get creative with your transitions. These editing tricks make your videos more captivating and fun for your viewers.

Vulnerability. A general social media trend in 2022 is showing who you really are. People want to see behind the curtain and they no longer buy from brands if they don’t trust them. Let your audience get to know you, your authenticity and originality will help you stand out from the crowd.

Pop culture references. Gen Z has been rediscovering old classics as they are released on popular movie and TV streaming apps like Netflix. The audio from shows like New Girl is widely used and loved. Make sure to spend a little time on the app to watch what pop culture is trending at the moment.

Documenting a day-in-the-life. Show your company culture and what you and your team do in a day. What may be mundane can be made entertaining and funny for viewers and shows a new side to your business that your fans haven’t seen before!

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