While Instagram marketing is about visuals, you can’t ignore the power of a well written caption! After you have chosen a photo or video and edited it, the caption adds more depth to what you are trying to express through the post. Your caption should be an extension of the post and help direct the user to take appropriate action!

Keep the most important part of your caption at the beginning. Instagram has a large character count at 2,200 characters, but that doesn’t mean people will read everything you write. Instagram only shows the first three or four lines of your caption in the user’s feed before they need to tap “more” to see the rest. Have the most important and eye-catching part of your caption in those three lines to get the attention of your followers.

Include a call to action (CTA). Marketers may sound repetitive when we talk about CTAs but it’s for a good reason! They really work. When you have a goal in mind for your caption and don’t tell the readers what to do, you won’t reach your goal. With 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media services, we always use a CTA when appropriate!

Ask a question. Lead a conversation with your caption by asking your followers a question that requires a long thoughtful answer. Try to stay away from yes or no questions because their responses won’t be as long. You may be able to use some of their responses as inspiration for new content ideas!

Invite people to tag their friends. When you share an informative or witty post, ask your followers to tag their friends who may enjoy the content too. It helps your reach and engagement when they do this. If you do a giveaway or contest this can be a condition of the entries as well.

Use hashtags at the end. It is your choice to use hashtags or not (we think you should), but if you do you should include them at the end of your caption. If the hashtag doesn’t seamlessly work in the middle of your caption, don’t force it and instead leave them at the end. They help your engagement but don’t add to the “human” part of your caption. When someone is scrolling they don’t stop to read every single hashtag you use.

Keep your brand voice but don’t be afraid to also have a casual tone. Your Instagram caption voice should match the brand voice you have used in your other social media posting and your website. However, Instagram is a fun and casual app, so you can play around a bit with your voice in your captions!

Don’t put a link in the caption. Unfortunately you cannot share a clickable link in a caption on Instagram. It usually looks clunky and thoughtless if you do use one. You are able to include a link in your bio on your profile though! If you want to direct your followers to your website, a product, or a blog post, edit the link and mention it in your caption.