Gone are the days of mailing off invitations ,waiting by the mailbox for RSVPs, and scrambling to give updates about your event. We’re living in 2019, the Age of Social Media, and your event should be too. You know you can find your audience on social media and that’s where you should be promoting it! However, to make the most of your social media promotion efforts, its pays to have some strategic planning. 


Keep these tips in mind to elevate your event promotion to the next level.




Make sure to create a clever and unique hashtag to personalize your event. Keep it relevant, unique, short, and sweet. Hashtags can boost awareness and create engagement for your event in a unique and powerful way, but be sure to include it if you post anything relevant to your upcoming event. 


Know Your Networks 


Your audience is likely on certain social media platforms more than others, and this is where you need to reach them. Typically, if you promote on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you should be well covered. But consider a deeper analysis of your most popular networks and really drive the message home there. 


Plan Efficiently


The key to any good event is the proper amount of planning. The more time you allow for promotion and planning, the more success you can expect to see. Start promotion as soon as possible, and stick with your promotion until the day of the event. 


Don’t miss out on all the added value that can be created by utilizing the wonderful world of social media. You know you can find your audience (and future event attendees) on social media so it makes sense to promote it there! Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to efficiently promoting your event!