Posting an Instagram Story is a super fun and casual way to connect to your followers and show them who you are as a business. It is a very personal thing to start doing if you aren’t used to it because you are talking and maybe even taking videos of yourself. If this is something that intimidates you, these tips will help you feel more confident in your Story posts.

Maintain brand identity. When someone starts watching your story, they should be able to tell it is your business right away! Try to use the same filters and colors in your stories to align with what you are already posting in your feed.

Use quick cuts and in-motion to keep attention. Attention spans are very short, so record your videos in ways that force the viewer to keep watching. You can include GIFs to your text or photo posts and text can now type out as if it was a video. In video Story posts, make them short and sweet.

Make your point fast. Try to condense your messaging. If you can make your point in a single 15 second Story, it is better than dragging it out for a minute. People will click past your story, so practice how you speak when recording yourself to reduce rambling.

Include a call to action. Even in Stories, like the rest of your social media posting, you need to include directions to your viewers. Tell them where they can find more information or where to purchase your products and services.

Use poll and question stickers to engage your audience. These are amazing tools within Instagram’s Stories where you can directly engage your audience. If you need help with market research or just want to post a fun quiz, these are a great way to do it!

Use Story Highlights to organize important information. If you get the same questions over and over again, Highlights are the perfect spot to save FAQs. Highlights are a perfect spot to permanently showcase an event that won’t happen again so those who missed out can experience it too. 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media services handle your day-to-day posting so you can focus on other features like Stories!