The holiday season is the busiest shopping season for businesses! If done well, your sales during this time can help your business for the rest of the year. Now is not the time to drop the ball on your marketing! Whether you are in the middle of your marketing plan or just starting, keep these tips in mind.

Consumers get ideas for gifts from social media. The start of the shopping journey is online. Shoppers pay attention to what is popular on social media and use that to guide what gifts they buy. Make sure to keep posting during the holidays, so your products stay on shoppers’ minds!

Make it easy for them to reach out. Your contact information should be updated and easily accessible. Buyers usually have a lot of questions about products this time of year because they want their gifts to be perfect. You may even get questions in the messages section of your social media platforms so be sure to check those as well as your emails.

Run ads to reach more people. If there is one time of year to invest in paid social media posting, this is it. New businesses don’t have large followings or the time to wait for organic growth so cheap Facebook ads are important to get your products out to more people.

Be a resource. While selling is the ultimate goal with your affordable social media marketing, don’t just focus on promotional posts. Mix in a fair amount of informational and entertaining posts. When your followers see you as a high-quality resource they will be more likely to buy from you. Around the holidays you can share gift guides and recipes. Tailor your posts to your industry.

Remain genuine. During this season, people connect to those warm and fuzzy feelings. Humanize your business in your content to show your potential customers who they will be supporting with their purchases. Many love to buy from small businesses or sustainable brands, so highlight that. If you are giving back to charities in honor of the holiday, remember to share this in your posts too!