While social media posting has become the new focus of marketing, email is still a very powerful tool! This is your direct connection to your customer and can lead to many different kinds of engagement with your business. However, emails can very easily get lost in the user’s inbox so keep these tips in mind while creating your email campaigns!

Write for mobile-first. While most people check their emails most frequently on their computers, that formatting won’t be easy to read on a phone. To write in a way that is easier to read on a mobile phone, keep paragraphs short and headings clear.

Personalize subject lines while not being clickbait-y. Including the person’s name has a huge impact on how the email is received and if action is taken on it. If it is too general or sounds like clickbait, it could be seen as spam and deleted.

Time your emails correctly. Always send out your emails when someone is around to read them and has the time to take action. Aim for the morning when people are checking their phones. Around lunch is a good time too, but try to avoid any time later than that.

Include a call to action at the beginning. Very few people make it to the end of the email, so put your call to action at the start. You can always have one at the end as well but this is a great way to avoid confusion or indifference to your point.

Maintain your brand voice. The recipient should know who sent them the email, so don’t have a strange email name in the sender section and keep your brand voice consistent. Otherwise, it could be seen as spam.

Be critical about your metrics. Be careful how you determine the success of an email campaign. Always set your goals in a measurable way like click-through rate so you can look at the specifics of your analytics.

Keep it short. Emails that are 200 words or less are the most effective. There are exceptions likeif your emails are a story series but promotional emails work best when they are short. You can even use graphics to engage and get your point across!

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