It is not news anymore that video marketing is the best but did you know that Facebook Live videos get three times the engagement than a regular video? This feature is a great opportunity to show off your business, services, and even your expertise! 98 Buck’s affordable social media services handle your day-to-day posting so you can focus on other creative ways to grow your presence!

Write a captivating description. This is where you attract your viewers! Make your description informative, but not boring. Without a good description, people will scroll past your video.

Pay attention to your background. Sometimes we forget where we are facing and end up with a window at our backs. A back-lit subject doesn’t turn out great in photos or videos. Your audience won’t be able to see you and it will detract from your message. Try to find a location where you are facing a window so you are more visible in your video.

Film horizontally. It is natural to want to hold your phone vertically, but a horizontal video looks better on a timeline after the Live-Stream. This orientation also looks more professional.

Have talking points planned. Most of us are not great at speaking on the fly. Just like in any other presentation, have your talking points planned out so you stay on topic. Don’t forget to be flexible! In a Live-Stream your audience can ask questions so allow for those moments.

Practice. You can create a live video with you as the only viewer, just change the privacy setting on the post before going live. This is the time to test locations for the best background, lighting, and sound.

Watch your time. It is suggested to broadcast for a minimum of ten minutes, but you are also limited to four hours. Use your practice runs and talking points to figure out how long your Live-Stream will be so you don’t run too long or too short. Be sure to account for questions from the audience.

Interact with your audience. The best thing about live video is you can engage with your audience and answer their questions in real time! Break the ice by asking where people are watching from or something similar. Try to use their names when they ask you questions during the stream.

Promote it. Make sure you can get the most eyes on your Live-Stream as possible. If you go live at a random moment, there won’t be many people watching to hear your message. Promote the event before and share the video after. It is valuable content you can use for other platforms! If you have a live video you would like to promote make sure to let us know at 98 Buck Social so we can share it in our social media posting!