You believe you are doing everything right, but you are still losing followers instead of gaining them! What is wrong? Well, there are many factors to social media that can lead to your follower count decreasing. Some of these are out of your control, but there are some you can control and can fix. 

Top Reasons You Are Losing Followers

You aren’t keeping up with the features. There are new features coming out on various social media platforms every few months. When this happens the algorithm changes to accommodate their new features. Many people have noticed a drop in followers after Reels were introduced to Instagram. To combat the changing algorithm your social media posting needs to shift. Don’t ignore the new features, instead experiment until you are comfortable. Integrate them into your posting schedule. 

Your content has gotten old. What worked for your accounts before doesn’t always work in the long term. We recommend recycling content but in a way that seems new to your followers. Take inspiration from what you have created in the past and put a new spin on it. Take note of the current trends and incorporate them into your posts. 

Your posting schedule isn’t working. Take note of how you have been posting since you noticed your loss of followers. Are you posting too much or not enough? Each platform has a sweet spot when it comes to posting frequency. The only platforms it is ok to post on more than once a day are Twitter and Instagram Stories. 

You aren’t talking to your target audience. When you are losing followers it can mean your content isn’t resonating with your audience. If your content is in your target niche, you need to shift your targeting. This can mean your choice of platform is wrong for your target audience or your hashtags are wrong. 

Your content is too promotional. Promotional content doesn’t lend itself to conversations like informative and entertaining content. As a business, you can’t completely write off promotional posts, but you should limit how often you share these kinds of posts.

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