If you have been struggling to grow your social media presence, you are not alone. Everyone has dealt with similar issues in the past, and many accounts are experiencing it right now. Competition on social media is high, but there are ways to help! These are the common issues you may be facing and tips to overcome them: 

Decreasing engagement rates

When social media platforms continue to grow, this results in lower engagement rates for brands and creators because there are only so many “interactions” to go around. As more users come onto the app and more people try to go viral, you are constantly competing with them. 

To combat your falling engagement rates, try revisiting your highest-performing content. Replicate what did well. Also, focus on your existing followers and community. If you are set on growth, consider doing partnerships with other brands or influencers. 

Standing out

As we said before, social media is more crowded than ever before. How will you get people to engage with your content if there are other accounts that post similar things to you? Or how can you stand out with competitors that have been building their presence longer than you? 

To stand out, you need to focus on what makes you different. Don’t try to copy what other accounts do. Your primary goal is to get people to engage with your content, so use question-based content or use features that allow for direct engagement like polls. 

Not enough time

You are running an entire business and on top of that, you need to market your business on social media. That is a job in and of itself! It isn’t just posting, it’s responding to messages and comments, and checking so many notifications. If you want to cross-promote on multiple platforms that only adds to the work.

This solution is simple! 98 Buck Social handles your daily social media posting across whatever platforms you like to use. What is left is the fun part of social media: connecting to customers!

Running out of ideas

Coming up with fresh content ideas is hard, especially when you are handling other aspects of your business. It takes time to know what to post, and keep up with trends. You can’t just post once and expect to go viral. And even if you do, your new followers expect consistent posts. 

Again, 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media marketing services can help with this! Our social media managers know the trends and keep your content fresh. With the guidelines you provide, we will post relevant content to your accounts to entertain your current followers and help build your presence. 

Lack of growth. 

Do you feel like your brand is on autopilot when it comes to social media? You are sharing the same things, with no changes, and no growth. A lot of businesses fall into this kind of routine. It makes social media posting simpler, but it does not increase your following. 

Check your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t. Auditing your social media platforms will guide your strategy. Get rid of what isn’t working anymore and add in fresher content. Experiment with post styles out of your comfort zone!