Yet another platform is about to launch a feature that includes e-commerce. Twitter has been working on various new shopping tools to incorporate into its app that will allow users to see product listings in-stream. Eventually your target audience will be able to save your product listings and make purchases without leaving Twitter.

Recently Twitter launched “Super Follows,” which allows certain creators to monetize their profile. Super fans can subscribe to their favorite creators for a monthly fee and they receive access to exclusive tweets. When Twitter launched this they also added a “Purchases” tab for users to see all of their subscriptions. This has the capabilities to eventually include listing purchases once Twitter Commerce is created.

Twitter is still testing that new feature but it has amazing potential to help online businesses with brand awareness and product exposure. Even if people would rather not make a purchase in the app, they will be able to see the products you offer without leaving Twitter. They can do their research before going to your website.

People use Twitter for breaking news and they tend to follow brands they want to hear from right away when something happens. When Commerce launches it will be a good way to share new releases in your social media posting. When your stock changes your followers will want to know right away. Many different industries can succeed on Twitter, not just local and national news. To stand out from the crowd keep your content entertaining and use hashtags in your captions. You only need 3-10 for your tweet to be seen, and more than that can look too wordy.

98 Buck Social offers many affordable social media plans that can include Twitter. If you would like to start marketing your business on that platform before Twitter Commerce launches, contact us!