Images on Twitter used to be tiny and hard to edit to ensure your entire message was in frame and made sense. You don’t have to stress about that anymore! Twitter just launched a larger image format so you can see full-sized pictures in your tweets! Images with 2:1 and 3:4 aspect ratios can be seen in full. If you image is larger than that it will still need to be cropped. These new sizes bring up new questions about affordable social media marketing.

How it affects your social media posting

Larger images mean more real estate on a user’s screen and more chances your engagement increases. It will be much easier to get your message across and as people scroll they will spend more time on your post.

If you had always posted photos with your tweets that needed to be clicked on to expand the image, there is a change your engagement will drop at first. Click rate is included in your engagement so if your followers don’t need to click on the image the click rate will go down. Keep this in mind for the coming months and don’t get discouraged. As people get used to the new formats engagement should come back and Twitter will probably adjust how they calculate their engagement rate.

This is a great time to experiment with posting photos on Twitter if you haven’t yet. Editing platforms like Canva allow you to create fun post with text. Create informative graphics for product launches and other similar announcements!

This new change will be interesting for the app as it may make it a more visual platform. Something to note with this change is the larger format only applies to single image posts, so tweets with multiple pictures will post in the old format. 98 Buck Social’s cheap social media marketing services have an option for Twitter accounts and we will make sure your account will get posts daily!